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Brushcutter trimmer TJ35D with 1,6PS Kawasaki engine

Brushcutter trimmer TJ35D with 1,6PS Kawasaki engine
Product no.: TJ35D

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2 years warranty + 1 year MGF parts warranty!

Brushcutter trimmer TJ35D with 1,6PS Kawasaki engine Item is temporarily not available!


Quality from Japan at its best ... at a fair price - for quality conscious people.

High quality brush cutters from Japan. Quality products that are produced and sold worldwide since many years. No China-products.

You get the highest quality for your money - we"re sure.

The spare parts supply is guaranteed through our service center and Kawasaki for years.

We sell only products, which we use ourself, which we offer in our retail store and which even have been extensively tested and found to be good.

The Kawasaki engine is an absolute highlight -
regarding the lifetime and the relationship between power and weight.

Other manufacturers produce engines with much higher weight at the same power.

It is expected that the brush cutter is durable for 10 years and longer - with scheduled maintenance. The brush cutter is even perfect for the professional use.

The engine is characterized by low vibration, fuel efficiency and low noise.

Of course, a steel shaft 6x bearing mounted is installed in the connecting pipe. Thus, the shaft can not break when you hit a rock or the house wall. There is no flex shaft (speedometer cable) installed.

The brush cutter is equipped with an ergonomic handle system, that means the right side of the handhold is shorter than the left side of the handhold. So you can carry the brushcutter effortlessly and work long-term with it without cramping your arms.

Standard handle system - both handholds have the same length
(uncomfortable tiring work)

Ergonomic handle system - infinitely adjustable
(ergonomic, comfortable work therefore easier)
One handle tube is short, the other is longer.


The double handle is divided. Both handholds are held together with a sturdy clip. Using the included tool you can easily adjust the handholds according to your size.


Installed is a Kawasaki 2-stroke engine TJ27E.
The engine is equipped with an Easy-start-system. An effortless starting of the engine is possible,
easier you can not start an engine.
The carburetor is equipped with a primer (Tipper).
It perfectly helps to start the engine quickly after the fuel tank was empty or after an long standing period of time.
The carburetor is adjusted fix - the annoying adjustment / readjustment is not necessary.


The included 3-tooth cutting blade for grass cuts the grass with ease and produces a clean cut.
The blade has the dimensions: 230 mm diameter, 1.4 mm thick, center hole 25.4 mm, cutting width 230 mm.
It can be easily sharpened with an angle grinder.

For a heavier strain in jungle-like terrain, the thicket-knife (blade 3-star) is suitable.
The blade has the dimensions: 255 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thick, center hole 25.4 mm, cutting width 255 mm.
It can be easily sharpened with an angle grinder.
It is also possible to use steel blades from other manufacturers - Stihl blades with a central bore of 25.4 mm also fit.

A metal cover above the blade prevents that grass moves in between the blade and the gear.

A support plate made of aluminum allows to have a uniform distance to the ground and this produces a clean cut appearance.

The double line head / trimmer head is filled with a nylon line with a thickness of 2.4 mm.
The line is readjusted by dribbling while mowing
The trimmer head can be take apart without tools. If the line is over, both lines have to be wound in direction of arrow.
The trimmer head has a M8 left female thread and can be replaced with any equal nylon line of a commercial trimmer head.
The cut circle is 400 mm.

The motor is low-vibration mounted by a rubber silent block.

The tank is protected with a generously dimensioned holding frame.

padded double harness

A padded double harness, a steelblade for grass cutting and a tap-and-go double line head (Dribbler), tools, safety glasses and a English manual / CE certificate are included in scope of delivery.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

• Max. power: 1,2 kW/1,6 HP 2-Stroke Kawasaki-engine TJ35E
  at a maximum speed of only 7500 rpm.
• 34,4 cm³ displacement
• 0,7 l Tankvolume
• 0,88 l/h Fuel consumption at max. speed - 557g/kW/h at 6000 rpm
• 6.4 kg without a cutter unit and an empty tank
• Sound power level LWA 111 dB(A)
• Vibration at full load 7,3 m/s² at 9350 rpm
• Spark plug NGK BPM7A

As fuel you can use either the standard mixture (1:25) from the gas station or a mixture 1:50 of high-quality oil for two stroke engines from a chainsaw manufacturer (Stihl, Husqvarna, Dolmar etc).

Standard equipment
• Steel blade for grass cutting
• Double line head
• padded double harness
• Tools
• English manual / CE Certificate


Due to the high quality you have 2 years warranty and 1 year additional MGF warranty for private use.
MGF / Motorgeräte Fritzsch Warranty: Includes the free provision of spare parts upon detection of a material defect in the 3rd year, excluded from the MGF warranty are wearing parts, the remuneration of labor and other expenses.


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