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Crawler transporter all-way transporter dump truck L500L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox mini dumper motorized wheelbarrow

Crawler transporter all-way transporter dump truck L500L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox mini dumper motorized wheelbarrow
Product no.: L500L

2.750,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

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Crawler transporter all-way transporter dump truck L500L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox mini dumper motorized wheelbarrow

Reinforced version with 6-speed gearbox and reinforced clutch!

This track dumper is suitable for private use in the home, yard and garden.

We are the specialists in track dumpers.

Tracked dumpers are used for transporting bulk materials such as gravel, sand, wood or salt.

A dumper can also drive on steep slopes and carry items easily over bumps.

These dumpers have rubber tracks and have therefore a lot of grip on smooth, slippery and / or muddy soils.

There are many uses for these devices, also use in winter maintenance / snow and ice control is possible.

We offer this rubber track dumper for a surcharge with a snow plow.

Heavy loads can be transported easily on rough terrain.

Lever for tilting the skip.

Very important: The smaller the track contact surface, the faster the machine can tilt in sloping terrain!

This is the first dumper in this design with hydraulic skip.

As with all tracked dumpers, the load capacity decreases at steep terrain. Because the risk of tipping increases analogy!
- Straight terrain: 500 kg payload
- Slightly sloping terrain 10-20%: 450 kg payload
- Strong sloping terrain to 25%: 350 kg payload

We assemble and test all machines and devices before shipment, and so you have less risk.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • 500 kg cargo capacity
  • 300 kg weight
  • gears: 6 forward and 2 reverse (Japanese gear unit)
  • climbing ability: 25°
  • 12 cm ground clearance
  • 4 stroke 1-cylinder OHV Loncin engine
  • Recoil Starter
  • 6,6 kW/9,0 PS
  • 6-speed gearbox: small group: 1st gear 0.7 km / h
                                                                2nd gear 1,2 km / h
                                                                3rd gear 1.9 km / h
                                                                Reverse 0,9 km / h
                                       Large group: 1st gear 2.7 km / h
                                                                2nd gear 4.5 km / h
                                                                3rd gear 7.3 km / h
                                                                Reverse 3.5 km / h
  • Steering via independent steering brakes with hand lever
  • Track contact surface: 700 mm
  • Track width: 180 mm
  • inner dimensions of the skip: 103 x 65 x 33 cm
  • Max. height of tracked dumper with tilted skip: 135 cm
  • Max. length of dumper: 180 cm
  • 4 Liter Tank volume
  • hydraulic tilting of the skip is standard
  • automatic braking during clutch disengagement
  • clear dimensions outside: 180x80 cm
  • automatic safety brake

Video of the previous model:

Very good tilt angle nearly 90°

gears: 6 forward and 2 reverse -

Smooth running Japanese gear

group gears

Track contact surface 70cm and 12cm ground clearance

9 PS engine

Oil level indicator for hydraulic oil tank

Simple locking

All side boards can be easily disassembled by removing the bolt.

below opened rear tailgate

75 cm clear width outside
opened rear tailgate on top and folded down

Pictures of a customer:

Even stairs creates the L500L easily.

Picture of a satisfied customer:

As an accessory we can provide a spring damper snow plow clearing width of 118cm and 50cm high offer with thick rubber scraper for 499,00 Euro or with 1m clearing width for 450.00 Euro!
The snow blade can be raised and lowered by means of lifting rod. If you pull the spring clip on the snow blade, the blade and can be rotated sideways.

If you drive against an obstacle (eg curb) folds the blade toward the front.

Also we can provide a inexpensive snow plow clearing width of 100cm and 50cm high with thick rubber scraper for 299,00 Euro!

The snow blade can be swiveled sideway. However, it can not be raised, it is rigidly bolted to the dumper. Furthermore, it does not folds away in case of obstacles.

Stanchion rack for 480 € (stanchion rack in conjunction with a caterpillar trailer 399 €):

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

A tour in the warehouse of our dumper demonstration models:

Our warehouse

Each of our tracked dumper is fully assembled, is set and adjusted.
The track chain is tensioned, the tension of the drive belt checked and adjusted and the speed of the motor is set. We let test-run the entire device.
Then the tracked dumper is driven on a pallet and packed with cardboard and foil. Thereby the costs are somewhat higher because the dimensions of a ready tracked dumper are larger than that of a kit, as it is case with most competitor.
Our customers can simply drive the Dumper from the pallet and use it immediately without installation and adjustment expenses.


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