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Crawler type dumper AM50B with hydraulic tilt-function
--- Used demonstration model ---

Crawler type dumper AM50B with hydraulic tilt-function<br>--- Used demonstration model ---<br>
Product no.: AM50B-gebr

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2 years warranty + 1 year MGF parts warranty!

Crawler type dumper AM50B with hydraulic tilt-function<br>--- Used demonstration model ---<br>

We assemble and test all machines and devices before shipment, and so you have less risk.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


    • 500 kg cargo capacity
    • 325 kg weight
    • gears: 3 forward and 2 reverse
       - 1. Forward: 0,9 km/Hour
       - 2. Forward: 2,5 km/Hour
       - 3. Forward: 4,5 km/Hour
       - 1. Backward: 0,9 km/Hour
       - 2. Backward: 2,5 km/Hour
    • 12 cm ground clearance
    • 4 stroke 1-cylinder 8,5ps/6,25kW EH25 Robin-OHV-engine
    • recoil starter
    • 6,25 kW/8,5 PS max. power at 2000 rpm.
    • Steering via independent steering brakes with hand lever
    • Track contact surface: 960 mm
    • Track Width: 180 mm
    • outside dimensions of the dumper skip: max. 1275 x 945 x 545 mm
    • Max. height: 1020 mm, with tilted skip: 1520 mm
    • 6 Liter tank volume
    • hydraulic tilting of skip
    • automatic braking during clutch disengagement / safety brake
    • 94,4 dB(A) noise level


The end-impeller is made of gray cast iron.

The drive wheel is made of gray cast iron.

The rollers are not made of thin sheet metal,
but made ​​of sturdy material.

As implement at surcharge, we're still providing a snow plow.

The dumper can be used as a universal device in the forestry and agriculture, private land, and in landscaping and construction.

Heavy loads can be transported easily on rough terrain.

(1) left steering lever (brake)
(2) right steering lever
(3) Lever for the hydraulic tilting
(4) park brake (In this position, the safety brake / parking brake is actuated.)
By pressing the lever forward the parking brake is loosed and the drive activated.
You must always keep this lever down during operation.
Releasing the lever, the tracked dumper stops instantly.

The two rollers are connected movable to compensate obstacles.

An especially solid frame (Box profile 50x30x2) is the backbone of the tracked dumper.

The 8.5 ps Robin engine is at a maximum speed of 2000rpm. sufficient.
The gear reduction is designed to be very effortless. Even when tilting the skip or with full load the engine is not at full blast.

The Robin engine is performed standing, i.e. the piston and cylinder are vertical. Thus, it can not come to engine damage on a steep slope because the oil is in the stationary crankcase and is thus thrown in all parts of the engine by the crankshaft.

The possibility of piston seizures and crankshaft damages are prevented. Assuming the engine oil level is correct.

The possibility of oil deficiency and piston seizures at the top of the piston is much more likely in case of horizontal engines.

Further technical advantages:
• large track contact surface and a wide track spacing reduce the risk of tipping of the tracked dumper
• high net weight of 325 kg of the tracked dumper means a stronger frame construction,
  this results in a larger payload
• Cast steel rollers instead of metal rollers
• a steeper tilt angle of skip, thus better emptying of the skip is possible
• solid torsion-free crossbeam

Very important: The lower the track contact surface is, the faster the unit can tilt in sloping terrain!

This engine is not installed in our dumper.

Here is a standard engine in which the power transmission is transmitted from the crankshaft.
You"ll need a high cubic capacity and high speed of rotation to get to the desired performance.

Here is an engine of the same design as it is built into the dumper..
The force is taken from the cam shaft. The camshaft makes half the speed as the crankshaft.
Thus, this engine needs a slower speed and a lower cubic capacity to deliver the same power at the end, but the torque is much higher.

solid Box profile 50x30x2

90% of all crawler type dumpers worldwide are produced in Japan. There are about 5 major manufacturers.

This manufacturer manufactures only crawler dumpers / powered wheelbarrows in various designs, which are exported worldwide. In almost every country in Europe, there are branches.

Since 2004 we sell these dumpers in wholesale and retail.

These dumpers are not modern styled but they are dressed up to be simple and functional.

We have selected 4 units from the range of 15 variants (which are available on the market), which are suitable for the sophisticated private and professional use.

The Japanese have the longest experience - a very great need in their own country. Japan is divided by a large mountain range, thus there is a great need in this region for tracked vehicles. But even in the muddy rice fields, these devices are used. The Japanese set for each work a technique.

Snow plow with a working width of 118 cm for 399.00 Euro
or with a working width of 1 m for 350.00 Euro

The snow plow is fitted with a included adapter. It is a spring flaps snow plow (which folds away when encountering an obstruction) with a height of 50 cm. It is equipped with a rubber scraping edge. By means of spring plug it can be adjusted laterally and using the handlever the snow plow can be raised and lowered easily.

In the photos shown you can see the AM50L - the frame is for these AM50 series dumpers the same.


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