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Dumper Bertolini BTR340H Crawler Transporter extendable

Dumper Bertolini BTR340H Crawler Transporter extendable
Product no.: BTR340H

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Dumper Bertolini BTR340H Crawler Transporter extendable Item is temporarily not available!

variable box body

The tracked dumper is made in Italy.

Since 2004 we sell this dumper in wholesale and retail.

These dumpers are not modern styled but they are dressed up to be simple and functional.

With this dumper you can easily transport fruit crates and so on.

As implement at surcharge, we're still providing a snow plow.

We assemble and test all machines and devices before shipment, and so you have less risk.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


• 350 kg cargo capacity
• 140 kg weight
• gears: 2 forward and 2 reverse
• speed:       1. gear: 1,6 km/h
                       2. gear   3,6 km/h
                       1. reverse: 1,4 km/h
                       2. reverse: 3,4 km/h
• climbing ability: 25° (at 250kg)
• 15 cm ground clearance
• 4 stroke 1-cylinder OHV Honda engine GCV140
• recoil starter
• 3,1 kW/4,2 PS max. engine power at 3600 rpm.
• steering via independent steering brakes via hand lever
• Track contact surface: 750 mm
• Track width: 170 mm
• inside dimensions max. when it is extended: 105 x 83 x 23 cm
• inside dimensions max. when it is not extended: 93 x 52 x 23 cm
• Max. length of the dumper: 1600 mm
• 4 Liter tank volume
• manual tilting of the skip is standard
• automatic braking during clutch disengagement
• 100 dB(A) noise level

inside dimensions of the dumper skip:

The stakes can be pulled out and locked by means of stepless adjustable screw.

By pressing the lever, the skip can be tilted without great effort, because the tipping point was moved to the inside about 1/3.


A tour in the warehouse of our dumper demonstration models:

Our warehouse

Each of our tracked dumper is fully assembled, is set and adjusted.
The track chain is tensioned, the tension of the drive belt checked and adjusted and the speed of the motor is set. We let test-run the entire device.
Then the tracked dumper is driven on a pallet and packed with cardboard and foil. Thereby the costs are somewhat higher because the dimensions of a ready tracked dumper are larger than that of a kit, as it is case with most competitor.
Our customers can simply drive the Dumper from the pallet and use it immediately without installation and adjustment expenses.


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