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Electric dumper Electric wheelbarrow SD500E with hydraulic bucket

Electric dumper Electric wheelbarrow SD500E with hydraulic bucket
Product no.: SD500E

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Electric dumper Electric wheelbarrow SD500E with hydraulic bucket
 Hydraulic dumper
The electric wheelbarrow is designed for use in the yard, in the house and in the garden, or for agriculture. Important outstanding technical details are the hydraulic tipping device as well as the two large-dimensioned movable steering wheels. This allows you to reach a firm stand in uneven terrain. By means of an electric "throttle" you can steplessly forward and backward.

0-5 km/h forward, 0-2,5 km/h backward

The movable air-wide rear wheels are somewhat narrower than the front wheels. However, you can easily raise a ramp. The front wheels were very wide dimensioned to achieve a good traction.
Technical specifications:  

- Loading capacity 500 kg
- Total length 167 cm
- total width 85 cm
- Height of floor to tub top 40 cm
- Total loading time 12 h
- Max. Working slope 15%
- 500 kg load = max. Gradient 15%
- 250 kg load = max. Slope 30%
- Volume 350 l
- Own weight 270 kg
- Electric 800 W / 48 V
- Working time about 8-10h
- Battery 12V40Ah / 4pcs
- Charger and lighting are included as standard!

1-> hydraulic control valve for tipping the trough
1 -> fastener for the swivel wheel
pivot point
Even if the pivot point of the tipping bucket is at the front, then the user must be able to lift all the load in the trough in order to tip over. How convenient is a hydraulic tilting device?!
1-> infinitely variable rotary handle for forward and backward movement
1-> Raderresting
1-> Hydraulic cylinders for tilting the tub
1-> LED/ headlights
1-> Steering wheel steplessly height-adjustable


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