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Mini dumper all-way transporter L350L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox dump truck wheelbarrow

Mini dumper all-way transporter L350L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox dump truck wheelbarrow
Product no.: L350L

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Mini dumper all-way transporter L350L with Japanese 6-speed gearbox dump truck wheelbarrow

Large selection of new and used all-purpose transporters, all-terrain transporters, engine wheelbarrows, caterpillar trailers, tracked vehicles, mini dumpers, dumpers, chain dumpers, wheelbarrows for single-axle and wheelbarrows for timber transport.

This caterpillar transporter is an all-way transporter suitable for private use in house, yard and garden.

We are the caterpillar specialists.

Tracked dumpers are used for transporting bulk materials such as gravel, sand, wood or salt. A tracked dumper can, of course, also ride steep slopes and convey objects easily over unevenness. These tracked dumpers have rubber bands and therefore have a lot of grip on smooth, slippery and / or muddy soils. There are many possible applications for these devices, also a use in the winter service is possible. We also offer this caterpillar transporter with a snow shield.

Effortless loads can also be transported on rough terrain.

Distance from bottom edge of tipper to floor 12cm.

Lever for tilting the pan.

Improved locking

The tilting trough has been fitted with a gas pressure cylinder for better tipping support.

Thanks to the new tilt lock, the tilting trough can be locked into the transport position with a slight internal pressure.

With us, each unit is assembled and tested before shipping - so you have a lower risk.

We guarantee a serious handling - you have full refund.

Technical specifications

• 350 kg Charging capacity
• 195 kg Own weight
• 6 forward and 2 reverse (Japanese gearboxes)
• Climbing: 25 degrees
• 12 cm Ground clearance
• 4 stroke 1-cylinder OHV Loncin engine
• Reversing start
• 4,8 kW/6,5 PS
• 6-speed gearbox: small group: 1st gear 0.7 km/h
                                                               2nd gear 1,2 km/h
                                                               3nd gear 1,9 km/h
                                                               Red light 0,9 km/h
                                  Large Group: 1nd gear 2,7 km/h
                                                              2nd gear 4,5 km/h
                                                              3nd gear 7,3 km/h
                                                              Red light 3,5 km/h
• Steering for independent steering brakes by hand lever
• Crawler surface: 600 mm
• Chain width: 180 mm
• Out of the box; The tipper bucket(LxWxH): max. 94 x 66 x 23 cm
• Max. Hoe hoe transport with tilted trough: 125 cm
• Max. Length of crawler transport: 165 cm
• 4 liter tank capacity
• Manual tilting of the tub is standard equipment
• Automatic braking when disengaging
• Automatic safety brake
• Light outside: 165 x 80 x 108 cm

The engine is rubber-bearing.
12 cm Ground clearance

Easily shiftable Japanese gearbox with group shifting.

Group circuit

Safety brake

The crawler surface is 60cm.

In addition, the ground clearance was increased from 9 cm to 12 cm.

Rear wall opening at the bottom

All on-board doors can be easily dismantled by pulling off the studs.

As an accessory, we can offer a spring flap snow shield 118cm width and 50cm high with strong rubber band for 399.00 Euro or with 1m rash width for 350.00 Euro!
The snow shield can be lifted and lowered by means of a lifting rod. If you pull the spring pin at the front of the snow shield, the snow shield can be swiveled several times laterally.

Drive against an obstacle (for example, curbstone) the snow shield folds forward.

5x swivel, strong rubber cord

In addition, we can offer a cheap snow shield 100cm width and 50cm high with strong rubber band for 180,00 Euro!

The snow shield can be swiveled sideways. However, it can not be lifted, it is screwed rigidly to the caterpillar transporter. Furthermore, it does not get away with obstacles.

A tour in the warehouse of our dumper demonstration models:

Our warehouse

Each of our tracked dumper is fully assembled, is set and adjusted.
The track chain is tensioned, the tension of the drive belt checked and adjusted and the speed of the motor is set. We let test-run the entire device.
Then the tracked dumper is driven on a pallet and packed with cardboard and foil. Thereby the costs are somewhat higher because the dimensions of a ready tracked dumper are larger than that of a kit, as it is case with most competitor.
Our customers can simply drive the Dumper from the pallet and use it immediately without installation and adjustment expenses.


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