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Diesel engine Kubota D1105 28,0 PS 1123ccm used

Diesel engine Kubota D1105 28,0 PS 1123ccm used
Product no.: D1105

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Shipping time: 4-5 Days from receipt of payment (except custom-made products)

Diesel engine Kubota D1105 28,0 PS 1123ccm used Item is temporarily not available!

*These are examples.*

Each engine is started dry before shipping !!!

The engines are imported directly from Japan.

Because of the mileage, these engines can be considered as usable.

The engine is filled with oil. A new oil filter is included.

The engine is ready to install!

These are used engines that have been tested and thus controlled (bearings, glow plugs, starters).

The engines were previously completely disassembled and cleaned. Defective parts have been replaced.

There are no new parts installed but according to the motto "two engines make one".

The supplier has been repairing and overhauling diesel engines for 20 years.

The engine is repainted and the oil is filled up. (Please check correct oil level before start-up !!!)

Delivery is without hoses and without thermostat.

After 10 hours of running, please retighten the cylinder head with a torque wrench according to the factory specifications.


The Kubota D1105 engine has the same design of crankcase dimensions like the engines D905 and D1005, ie, the engines are interchangeable.
For comparison, the technical specifications of the D905 and D1005 models are shown in the table below.



comparing D905

comparing D1005

   Engine Type    3 cylinder Diesel    3 cylinder Diesel    3 cylinder Diesel
   capacity    1123 ccm    898 ccm    1001 ccm
   max.power at 3000 rpm.    28,0 PS / 20,6 kW    22,5 PS / 16,6 kW    25,0 PS / 18,4 kW
   Bore    78 x 78,4 mm    72 x 73,6 mm    76 x 73,6 mm
   Starter system    Electric start 12 Volt    Electric start 12 Volt    Electric start 12 Volt
   Weight    93 kg    93 kg    93 kg
    Dimensions (WxDxH)    497,8 x 396 x 608,7 mm    497,8 x 396 x 608,7 mm    497,8 x 396 x 608,7 mm

A new V-belt is installed.

New oil filter is installed and oil is replenished

Each engine is test-running about 10 minutes in our workshop before shipping.

Following differences on the engines are possible:

Kubota has made minor technical changes depending on the request of the device producer:

short oil pan - long oil pan
Radiator neck right or left
with hydraulic pump - without Hydraulic Pump
Exhaust manifold connection horizontally or vertically

Never changed is the crankcase or the connection points / threaded bore, etc.

Additional accessories: Price is only valid in conjunction with the engine compartment!

  • Manifold for 30,00 Euro
  • Hydraulic pump for 30,00 Euro
  • electric shut-off valve for 30,00 Euro
  • electric feed pump for 30,00 Euro

Our warehouse:

Engine type embossed in the casting

(1) Engine type and (2) Engine serial number is located directly above the starter.



performance curves:


Especially this offer as well as the sale are directed exclusively to companies in the sense of the §14 BGB, with your purchase you confirm to be an entrepreneur in the sense of the §14BGB.

The engine is sold as a part carrier without warranty and guarantee. The engine is started dry in our workshop.

A concession on our part to our customers:

For the sake of fairness, we grant you a right of return.

If it becomes apparent before or during use that the engine is unsuitable, we will take back the engine for the purchase price.

The return costs and incidental costs as well as installation and removal expenses are borne by the buyer.

This individual contractual regulation recognizes the customer with his purchase - as we recognize the right of return as well.

The engine production of this type was discontinued before about 1990 and thus this engine is considered "vintage car".

Each Japanese engine manufacturer configures the engine to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer. (Excavator manufacturer, farm loader producer, generator manufacturer, etc.)

For example:

  • Komatsu (excavator) wants the cooling water connection on the right
  • Weidemann wants the cooling water connection on the left and a large flywheel
  • Kubota Japan does not need a thermostat and a temperature transmitter for its tractors
  • For the Asian market, no water pump is needed
  • Exhaust Manifold - upwards - to the front - to the rear
  • Intake manifold - upwards - to the side
  • Oil pan long / oil pan short

For example, if the device series has expired, the device manufacturer orders a further 1000 replacement motors of the same configuration and stores them in stock. If these are sold as replacement engines, these engines are no longer produced in this configuration. Just like any engine, the crankcase is the flange port, engine mount, etc.

Practice Note:

Most of the old engine, the special attachments are attached to "our" engine.

For questions we are happy to help.

Video for the test run:


Each engine runs 1/2 h of trial.

- Start with half throttle from 00:04 min

- From 00:27 min he runs on 3/4 gas

- then visual inspection and inspection


We hereby declare that the product is designed for mounting in or on a machine.

The machine in which the above-mentioned part is to be installed, should not be put into operation until it was found that the machine complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Any damage arising therefrom is not chargeable by Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH. Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH disclaims any liability for damages, because we have no influence on installation, use and safety of the machine.

For Diesel Engines: As none of the major manufacturers give warranty / statutory warranty rights in the use of vegetable oil for diesel engines, we hereby join in this scheme.


⇒ Typing errors, misapprehensions and changes excepted.

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