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Packaging Ordinance

The German Packaging Ordinance bound us that the packages we use are recycled after use.
For this we have engaged a waste management company.

Notice for waste oil disposal

The amount of combustion engine oil or gear oil purchased at us we take as waste oil back free of charge for the purpose of proper disposal.
The taking back also extends to the oil filter and the regularly occurring oily waste at oil change.
Return location is the address listed in imprint.
You can give us the used oil and oil filter and the oil change regularly occurring oily waste personally.
Alternatively, you can choose the shipment by post for taking aboard shipping.
Please make sure to identify waste oil as hazardous for shipment and use appropriate containers.

Notice regarding disposal of batteries and accumulators

Due to the Battery Ordinance we as a trader are obligated to point out to you that batteries and accumulators should not be disposed of with normal household waste. Batteries must be disposed free of charge via the retail or specially provided collection points.
Alternatively, you can send back bought batteries to us also.
Please note that your return is adequately stamped.
Contaminated batteries and accumulators are provided with a crossed out wheelie bin and one of the following chemical symbols:
Cd for cadmium, Hg for mercury, Pb for lead.

Notice regarding disposal of electrical equipment

Electrical and electronic devices may not be disposed of with normal household waste.
These products must be disposed of through a collection point for Electrical Equipment and electronic waste. The disposal is free for you as the end user. The addresses of appropriate collection points (recycling centers) please find out from your community.




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