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Firewood processor JAPA 100E circular saw and auger splitting with electric motor

Firewood processor JAPA 100E circular saw and auger splitting with electric motor
Product no.: JAPA 100E

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Firewood processor JAPA 100E circular saw and auger splitting with electric motor


Inexpensive combination machine for cutting and easy splitting wood - an alternative!!!

This firewood processor is manufactured and sold in Scandinavia. A sophisticated product with high quality.

This machine is primarily for use by private persons who operate a heating with wood throughout the year and for use by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heaters in Scandinavia (in rural area) is about 80%.

These sawing and splitting automatic machines are produced since 1977. Of course, these machines are exported to France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and to the USA. However, he main market is still Norway, Finland and Sweden. This market is many times larger than the German market. Annual output is approx. 1500 firewood processors of all types together.

The Firewood processor can easily be operated by one person.

Functional principle

The timber is cut and falls into the receptacle. From there it is taken out and placed into the bracket for the spiral splitter. With the movable holder it is pressed against the rotating auger splitter, and thus the wood is split rapidly. By the arrangement of a holding wedge over the auger splitter, the piece of wood is protected against rotation. The splitting auger can be exchanged or replaced.

Up to 3 m long logs can be placed on the table. A large contact surface is achieved by the roller-bearing, extended contact surface - that means long logs can not tilt. The log is moved by hand. Due to the roller-bearing contact surface it is no problem.

The length of the logs can infinitely be adjusted up to 50 cm. You only need to adjust the stop.

Alternatively, a version with PTO can be supplied. The JAPA 100Z is equipped with PTO.

This machine is designed for single persons. It is produced in Finland and conforms to European safety standards. CE certificate and German instructions are available.












Small scratches can not be excluded because of the packaging. But that is no reason for complaint.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.



   Type of drive    4,0 kW electric motor / 380 Volt
   Max. cutting diameter    30 cm
   saw diameter    700 mm
   Adjustable cutting length    10-50 cm
   Weight    175 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position 
   1900 x 850 x 1200 mm     
    including wheelset

The use of the machine is permitted only for private use. It is forbidden to use the machine commercially.


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