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Firewood processor JAPA 305BF with diesel engine and 80 km/h car axle

Firewood processor JAPA 305BF with diesel engine and  80 km/h car axle
Product no.: JAPA 305BF-Diesel

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Firewood processor JAPA 305BF with diesel engine and  80 km/h car axle

Wood warms only once – during using as fuel! Not during tilting and sawing!

This firewood processor is manufactured and sold in Scandinavia. A sophisticated product with high quality.

This machine is primarily for use by private persons who operate a heating with wood throughout the year and for use by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heaters in Scandinavia (in rural area) is about 80%.

These sawing and splitting automatic machines are produced since 1977. Of course, these machines are exported to France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and to the USA. However, he main market is still Norway, Finland and Sweden. This market is many times larger than the German market. Annual output is approx. 1500 firewood processors of all types together.

The manufacturer produces firewood processors since 1977, Hakki Pilke produces firewood processors since 1983, Palax produces they since 1954 - and now the most interesting: these 3 companies are united in the Tara Paris Group. Therefore the market share in Europe in this category is in one hand with about 80%. For example Hydraulic elements from Italy, acquired in a joint purchasing, are used by the 3 companies. Due to the long experience, the products are sophisticated and are long-life products.

We sell JAPA machines since 2006.

A demonstration at our house is possible after prior appointment by phone.   

Video example:

The Firewood processor can easily be operated by one person.  

Diesel engine


The powerful hydraulic pump is driven by a gasoline or diesel engine. This pump drives via the built-in oil tank a hydraulic motor, wich serves as drive for the chainsaw. The lubrication of the saw-chain happens via the present hydraulic oil tank. The flow rate can infinitely variable be adjusted with a valve on the top of the splitter. If you push the sword of the chainsaw down by means of the the hand lever, the saw chain will start automatically. After the sawn log of wood falls into the splitting shaft, you push the lever slightly and the lever start the splitter immediatly. It splits the log with a high speed. The splitting cylinder responds automatically by a Pressure Control - it splits slower in case of very hard wood and it splits faster in case of soft wood. The wood is pressed against an only 1.5 cm strong power-saving, hardened and tempered splitting wedge.

Up to 3 m long logs can be placed on the table. A large contact surface is achieved by the roller-bearing, extended contact surface - that means long logs can not tilt. The log is moved by hand. Due to the roller-bearing contact surface it is no problem. In the case of twisted wood it can also be removed.

The length of the logs can infinitely be adjusted up to 53 cm. You only need to adjust the stop.

The splitting wedge can be moved in steps up or down with a hand lever. Depending on wood thickness you can split 1-way, 2-way or 4-way.

This is our Easy-4 splitting cross, which is delivered as standard. The splitting machine has a split pressure of 5.6 tons. This seems not much for the layman. But in connection with the Easy-splitting cross it is entirely sufficient. Whether beech, oak, birch or spruce (whether with many or not many branches) - the machine splits 99% of wood easily.


The splitting wedge is sharpened flat steel with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Initially the wood is splitted with the vertical splitting flat bar. After the piece of wood is splitted, it is pushed to the horizontal splitting flat bar in approximately 8 cm distance, and splitted again. An absolutely power-saving design!

hydraulic drive for chain saw

A conveyor belt is included. The length is 3,80m and it is driven by a hydraulic drive, thereby the machine works completely independent!! A quick removal is no problem because it is held by only 2 screws. The conveyor belt can be folded to reduce the risk of tipping over and to reduce the headroom.

The splitting machine is supplied with a car axle for driving 80km / h, thus a transport is possible without problems. An operating license for use on public roads is included.


(1) pull rod for cars removable
(2) with additional jockey wheel





Here you see the JAPA 305BF be saddlemounted with our Vario log lifter. (It is not included!

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.




   Type of drive    13 PS Diesel-engine
   Max. cutting diameter    30 cm
   Saw chain / Sword    325" 56 drive link / 13" sword
   Adjustable Cutting Length
   20 - 53 cm
   Output per hour depending on
   thickness of logs
   3 - 5m³/hour
   Splitting speed    28cm/sek. bzw. 16,8m/min.
   Weight with conveyor    420 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position 
   3000 x 1270 x 2500 mm
   Hydraulic oil volume    20 l
   Capacity of the hydraulic pump    30 l/min.
   Cylinderdiameter    60 mm
   Speed valve    Standard
   car axle
   till 80 km/h



Outside wheelbase: 103cm
Overall width: 127cm

10cm wheel
4.00-8 Pneumatic tires with ball bearings

manual adjustment of the splitting cross

Hydraulic drive of the conveyor

(1) hand-verified arch-shaped lever
(2) lever to press the trunk down

Extra-oil tank for the lubrication of the saw chain

Winch for effortless folding and unfolding of the conveyor belt

Each firewood processor of JAPA 305 series is equipped with an enhanced safety device.

This firewood processors are available in these versions:
JAPA 305B - gasoline driven
JAPA 305BF - gasoline/diesel driven with axle for street use
JAPA 305E - electric engine
JAPA 305TR - PTO driven
JAPA 305H - PTO driven without conveyor

We buy only full truckloads. - The resupply has arrived!


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