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Firewood processor JAPA 355 plus TR (Z) Hydro with PTO drive and conveyor

Firewood processor JAPA 355 plus TR (Z) Hydro with PTO drive and conveyor
Product no.: JAPA355PLUSTR

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Firewood processor JAPA 355 plus TR (Z) Hydro with PTO drive and conveyor

Wood now warms only once - when incinerating! No longer during the splitting and sawing.

This firewood processor is manufactured and sold in Scandinavia. A sophisticated product with high quality.

This machine is primarily for semi-professional use and professional use. The proportion of wood heaters in Scandinavia (in rural area) is about 80%.

We sell JAPA machines since 2006!

Functional prinziple

The PTO shaft drives a powerful hydraulic pump, which drives a hydraulic engine. This hydraulic engine serves as drive for the chainsaw. The lubrication of the saw-chain happens via  the existing hydraulic oil tank. There is a plunger pump mounted on the chain saw. During lowering of the chain saw oil is pressed in the chain automatically. There is an extra Chain-oil-tank. You push the sword of chainsaw down via the hand lever. After the sawn log of wood falls into the splitting shaft, you push the lever more and the lever start the splitter. It splits the log high speed. The splitting cylinder responds automatically by a Pressure Control - it splits slower in case of very hard wood and it splits faster in case of soft wood. The wood is pressed against an only 1.5 cm strong power saving, hardened and tempered splitting wedge. If you push the lever back, the conveyor belt is on and the trunk is fed up to the mechanical stop.

The PTO is not included as standart. The splitting pressure rises depending on demand but the splitting speed is reduced by this way.

The splitting force is at 7 tons, risable awhile (10 tons).

Up to 3 m long logs can be placed on the table. A large contact surface is achieved by the roller-bearing, extended contact surface - that means long logs can not tilt. The log is moved by conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is driven by a hydraulic engine. It is 2.30 m long and serves as an extended wood rest. The three plastic rollers protect the log against rolling off. In the case of twisted wood they can also be removed.

The length of the logs can infinitely be adjusted up to 60cm. You only need to adjust the stop accordingly.

The Firewood processor can easily be operated by one person.

(1) fully opened protective cover
(2) stop (1) hand lever

The splitting wedge can be moved in steps up or down with a hand lever. Depending on wood thickness you can split 1-way, 2-way, 4-way, 5-way or 6-way.

This is the  4x splitting cross reinforced, wich is included as standard. It can not bend as it is caught laterally.

A conveyor belt is included. The length is 3,80m and it is driven hydraulically, thereby the machine works completely wear-free! The conveyor belt is infinitely adjustable in height and 3 times pivotable.

Here you see the full-hydraulic drive of the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is very wide with 30 cm.

A wide supply channel esodic to the feeding channel for a better timber drainage.

The conveyor can be pivoted. It can be lowered using a hand crank.

(1) Safety switch - if the protective cover is open the entire hydraulic system is switched off.
(2) Plunger pump for chain lubrication (3) separate chain oil tank with bio chain oil

A lifting table/ log lifter or a wood trestle can be driven by the hydraulic connectors.

Firewood processor at transport position

Hand saw bow

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   Modell    JAPA355 PLUS TR
   Type of drive     PTO
   Max. cutting diameter    35 cm
   Saw chain / Sword    325" 64 drive links / 15" Sword
   Adjustable Cutting Length    till 60 cm
   Output per hour depending
   on thickness of logs
   4 - 10 m³/hour
   Oil volume    33 Liters
   PTO speed    420 - 450 rpm.
   Required tractor    20 kW / 27 hp
   Weight with conveyor
   630 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position
   2810 x 1280 x 2530 mm
  Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at work position
   6650 x 1280 x 3240 mm

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