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Firewood processor KRPAN CS 420 Pro with PTO drive and conveyor

Firewood processor KRPAN CS 420 Pro with PTO drive and conveyor
Product no.: KRPAN CS420 Pro

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Firewood processor KRPAN CS 420 Pro with PTO drive and conveyor

Large selection of new and used firewood machines, chainsaw machines, firewood preparation machines, wood cutting splitters, automatic saw splitting machines, saw splitting machines, firewood circular saws, seesaw circular saws and tilting saws.

This splitting machine is produced and sold in Slovenia. A mature product with high quality.

A demonstration in our house is also possible after prior arrangement by telephone.

The saw splitter can be easily operated by one person.

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

  • 5 m conveyor belt as standard (stepless speed control)
  • joystick control
  • hydraulic extension of the conveyor belt
  •  stepless speed control of the conveyor belt
  • the conveyor belt can be swiveled to the side
  • Sword cruise control
  • Triple cast iron pump
  • Valve with two automatic splitting speeds

technical specifications

Model  KRPAN CS 420 Pro
   type of drive   PTO
   max. cutting diameter   42 cm
   saw chain   3/8" / 1,5
   sword   Oregon 18"  
   Adjustable Cutting Length    bis 50 cm
   output per hour depending
   on thickness of logs
   4 - 10 RM/hour
   oil volume    100 Liter
   PTO speed    420 - 450 U/min.
   wequired tractor   from 30 kW / 41 hp
   weight with conveyor    1500 kg
   dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position
   2270 x 1305 x 2675 mm
   dimensions (LxWxH) in mm at work position    6915 x 1305 x 3825 mm
 splitting force   16T

This sliding table can be variably adjusted by hand control.

joystick control

stepless speed control of the conveyor belt

oil cooler

crank for stepless adjustment of the stop

double hydraulic claw

8-way splitting cross (optionally available)           6-way splitting cross (optionally available)

12-way splitting cross (optionally available)


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additional option

  •  log lifter Krpan MD500 for 1814.00 €

The lifting table is operated via the on-board hydraulics of the automatic sawing machine.

The two spiked rollers are driven hydraulically.

The dead weight is 159 kg.

The lifting force is 5000 N.


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