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Firewood processor Tajfun RCA400 Joy TG with swivel band

Firewood processor Tajfun RCA400 Joy TG with swivel band
Product no.: RCA400JoyTG

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We order full truckloads of firewood processor.

*** Demonstration machine run for about 50 hours *** with warranty ***

Firewood processor Tajfun RCA400 Joy TG with swivel band Item is temporarily not available!

Wood warms only once – during using as fuel! Not during tilting and sawing!



Tajfun RCA 400 Joy TG

   Type of drive    PTO
   Maximum cutting diameter    40 cm
   Saw chain / sword    Oregon 3/8 Multicut / 17" sword
   Adjustable cutting length    25 - 50 cm
   Splitting force    15 t
   Minimum power requirement / tractor    30 kW / 41 hp
   Weight with conveyor    1110 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at work position
   6350 x 1400 x 3050 mm
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position
   2350 x 1400 x 2550 mm


The conveyor is 3x hydraulically pivotable.

Joystick controller

large output channel with a wide conveyor belt

hydraulic claw for locking the timber

unfolded stop plate - the sawn log falls into the splitting shaft without skewing

folded stop plate

hydraulic pivoting of conveyor


The following accessories are available:

• hydraulic lifting table with roller drive DM 1511M
• hydraulic lifting table with roller drive DM 2000
• Radio system for lifting table with roller drive
• Hour counter with PTO shaft sensor and speed display
• Spare 3/8 "saw chain, 64 drive links Oregon Multicut
• Replacement sword Oregon pro Lite 17 "
• Standing platform PO 10
• Splitting knife for 2 parts
• Splitting knife for 4 parts
• Splitting knife for 6 parts
• Splitting knife for 4/6 parts
• Splitting knife for 8 parts
• Splitting knife for 12 parts (only for softwood)
• Splitting knife for 12-piece RING (only for softwood)
• Splitting knife for 16-piece RING (only for softwood)
• Splitting knife carrier (not possible with hydraulic suction devices)
• EP 12-11kW electrical unit with 12 V and 220 V socket (for oil cooler, suction device and control 400 / 480Joy)
• Suction device for sawdust XE10 E incl. 2m suction hose 1400mm diameter and 5m extraction hose 120mm diameter - 220V, weight 39kg)

A truck-trailer full of Tajfun:

A look at our warehouse:

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

additional option

  • longitudinal and cross conveyor RN5000 for 7735.00 euros

For your information, this is the inside dimension in transport condition.


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