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Firewood processor Woodking 400Z with PTO drive and conveyor

Firewood processor Woodking 400Z with PTO drive and conveyor
Product no.: 400Z

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Firewood processor Woodking 400Z with PTO drive and conveyor

Wood warms only once – during using as fuel! Not during tilting and sawing!

The firewood processor is driven by a PTO. The machine is designed as standard for the rear three-point suspension KATI.
KATII is also possible by screwing longer adapter bolts into the tail arms.
The PTO gearbox drives 2 large hydraulic pumps.
A pump drives the splitting cylinder.
The other pump drives the chain saw and the conveyor belt so that the splitting machine is operated completely hydraulically.
The riving knife is operated by hand in 9 different positions.
The conveyor is hinged and can be easily lifted and lowered with a winch.
A person lowers the folded conveyor belt by means of a winch on the ground, then unfolds the fordere conveyor belt and can bring the complete conveyor belt to the desired height.


The machine is completely assembled by us, set and it runs trial.
Then it is placed in this condition on a pallet and wrapped with foil - so you have a ready to use saw splitter.





Woodking 400Z

   Type of drive
   PTO 540 rpm
   Splitting power    12 t
   Max. cutting diameter  according to manufacturer up to 40 cm
   Saw chain / Sword    325 "1.5 / 45cm 72 drive links
   Adjustable Cutting Length
   up to 53 cm with stop, up to 60 cm without using the stop
   Output per hour depending on
   thickness of logs
   3 - 5 m³/hour
   Splitting speed    13.75 cm / sec.
   Weight with conveyor    430 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm
   at transport position
   3800 x 900 x 2600 mm
   Frame for pallet (LxB) in mm    2200 x 900 mm
   Oil flow    20 l
   Cylinder diameter    90 mm
   Power requirement of the tractor    at least 20 hp
   Working speed of the splitting cylinder   13,75 cm/s
   Return speed   18,33 cm/s
   capacity   5-8 m³/pro Stunde

 The PTO is not included. The price for this PTO is 99 euro.

(1) stop gap protectors

(1) hydraulic drive for the conveyor belt

(1) Winch for comfortable lifting and lowering of the conveyor belt

Height when the conveyor belt stand is engaged
The conveyor belt can be lifted by rope winch to about 2.50m.

(1) Release lever for the gap slider 

Conveyor belt increase
(so that the split pieces of wood can not fall off anymore)

(1) 2-fold handle for the saw bow
(2) Hand lever for splitting cross adjustment

6er splitting cross as surcharge


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