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Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster EVO36ZES with PTO, log lifter and standing frame

Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster EVO36ZES with PTO, log lifter and standing frame
Product no.: EVO36ZESHC

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Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster EVO36ZES with PTO, log lifter and standing frame Item is temporarily not available!

Wood now only warms up once - when burning !!! No longer when splitting and sawing.

This splitting machine is produced and sold in Scandinavia and is one of the fastest firewood splitting machines on the market. A mature product with high quality.

This machine is mainly bought by private customers who operate heating all year round with wood and used by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heating in Scandinavia (in rural areas) is around 80%.


The PTO or the electric motor drives a large hydraulic pump. Which drives a hydraulic motor via the existing oil tank. This hydraulic motor also serves as the drive for the chainsaw.

The chainsaw / splitter and conveyor belt are driven hydraulically.

The saw splitter is operated by one person using a hand lever. This is located on the side of the hydraulic tank.

This hand lever controls a hydraulic cylinder on which the saw automatically presses down.

The splitting cross is raised and lowered manually by hand.

The additional hydr. Pick roller is included as standard.

The log is not drawn in via a feed belt, but via a V-shaped slide made of metal.

Everything is controlled via the feed lever.

A conveyor belt is included. The length is 3.80m and it is driven by a hydraulic motor. So the machine works completely independently. Quick disassembly is not a problem as it is only held with 2 screws. The conveyor belt can be folded down to reduce the risk of tipping and the headroom.

The log lifter is included as standard. It is attached to the machine and can be folded in and out in a few simple steps.

(1) Manual adjustment lever for manual lowering and lifting of the splitting cross

(1) Lever for hydr. Operation of the chainsaw


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Technical specifications


Pilkemaster EVO36ZESHC

   Type of drive    PTO/ electric motor 7,5 kW
   Max. cutting diameter    36 cm
   Saw chain / Sword    325" 72 drive links / 18" Sword
   Adjustable Cutting Length    20 - 60 cm
   Output per hour depending on
   thickness of logs
   3 - 5 /h
   Splitting speed    28cm/sek. or. 16,8m/min.
   Splitting power    2 - 8 T
   Weight with conveyor
   app. 700 kg
   Dimensions (length x depth x height) in mm
   at transport position 
   2500 x 1300 x 2500 mm
   Hydraulic oil volume    20 Liters
   Capacity of the hydraulic pump    50 l/min.
   Cylinderdiameter    60 mm
   Speed valve    Standard

(1) Valve for setting the lowering speed of the chainsaw

(1) hydr. pick roller as standard

PTO connection

Three-point suspension CAT I is installed as standard (bolt diameter 28mm) + combi E-connection 32A socket

(1) 32A power socket

discharge conveyor can be swiveled as standard

1 -> splitting slide + feed combined

The feed slide also serves as a splitting slide, pulling in at the top and splitting at the bottom.

1 -> gap slider

Folded out log lifter which is driven by the metal feed slide.


Inquire about your special price for the following additional items:

  • manual splitting device optionally available

  • 6-way or 8-way wedge optionally available

  • (1) 10 pc. cylinder 80 mm diameter optionally available
  • (2) price on request!

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