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Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster GO with petrol engine, log lifter and 80km / h car axle

Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster GO with petrol engine, log lifter and 80km / h car axle
Product no.: Pilkemaster-GO

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Firewood processor, sawing and splitting machine Pilkemaster GO with petrol engine, log lifter and 80km / h car axle

Wood warms only once – during using as fuel! Not during tilting and sawing!  

This splitting machine is produced and sold in Scandinavia and is one of the fastest firewood splitting machines on the market. A mature product with high quality. A sophisticated product with high quality.

 This machine is primarily for use by private persons who operate a heating with wood throughout the year and for use by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heaters in Scandinavia (in rural area) is about 80%.

Functional principle

The powerful hydraulic pump is driven by a gasoline engine. This pump drives via the built-in oil tank a hydraulic motor, wich serves as drive for the chainsaw.

The drive of the chain saw / splitter and conveyor is hydraulically.

The operation of the firewood processor starts by means of a hand lever at the side of the hydraulic oil tank.

The log  is not moving via a feed belt, but rather via a V-shaped slide.

A conveyor belt is included. The length is 3,70m and it is driven by a hydraulic drive, thereby the machine works completely independent!! A quick removal is no problem because it is held by only 2 screws. The conveyor belt can be folded to reduce the risk of tipping over and to reduce the headroom.

The splitting machine is supplied with a car axle for driving 80km / h, thus a transport is possible without problems. An operating license for use on public roads is included.

  car driving axle

The lamp holder must only be swiveled to the side when unfolding the conveyor belt.



Pilkemaster GO

   Type of drive    14,0 hp 1 cylinder B+S engine
   Max. cutting diameter    30 cm
   Saw chain / Sword    325" 72 drive links / 18" Sword
   Adjustable Cutting Length   to 50 cm
   Output per hour depending on
   thickness of logs
   3 - 5 /h
   Splitting speed    2,4/1,6 s
   Splitting power    5,6 tons
   Weight with conveyor and axle
included Log lifter
   700 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) in m
   at transport position 

   4,90 x 1,38 x 2,5 m

   Hydraulic oil volume    40 Liters
   Capacity of the hydraulic pump    40 l/min.
   Cylinderdiameter    63 mm
   Speed valve    Standard
   car axle, unrestrained    till 80 km/h

Light external dimension from fender to fender outside edge 1.38m.

The log lifter is included.

Briggs and Stratton engine XR2100 420ccm

(1) Patented splitting cross adjustment

Width of the conveyor belt 24cm

(1) Hand-operated chainsaw

(2) Container for chain oil

The saw chain can be lubricated by means of an extra pump and extra tank with organic chain oil.


6-fold splitting cross:

additional options

  • An 8-ton split cylinder can be replenished for an additional charge.


A full camp with Pilkemaster:

The new delivery has arrived:

Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH made this Pilkemaster Go available for this test series.


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