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Sawing Machine Splitting Machine Wood Splitter Woodking 410Z Hydro 20t log splitter PTO drive swiveling conveyor belt and feed belt with hydr. Lowering the chainsaw

Sawing Machine Splitting Machine Wood Splitter Woodking 410Z Hydro 20t log splitter PTO drive swiveling conveyor belt and feed belt with hydr. Lowering the chainsaw
Product no.: 410ZHydro20T

8.190,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

Shipping inside Germany: 500,00 EUR *     * Shipping information

Shipping time: immediately available from stock, since we have several stores in the vicinity, we ask for tel. Pre-registration for pick-up

The automatic saw splitting machine is completely assembled, adjusted and is tested by us.

2 years warranty + 1 year MGF parts warranty!

Available again from about May/April. We are happy to take your orders and reservations.

Sawing Machine Splitting Machine Wood Splitter Woodking 410Z Hydro 20t log splitter PTO drive swiveling conveyor belt and feed belt with hydr. Lowering the chainsaw Item is temporarily not available!

Wood now only warms up once more - when burning! No longer with splitting and sawing.

This machine is mainly bought by private customers who use wood for heating all year round, as well as by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heating in Scandinavia (in rural areas) is around 80%.

It can easily be operated by one person.

A demonstration in our house is also possible by prior arrangement by telephone.


The automatic splitter is driven by a power take-off shaft.

The machine is designed as standard for the rear three-point hitch KATI.

KATII is also possible by screwing longer adapter bolts into the rear arms.

The PTO drives 2 large hydraulic pumps and the hydraulic chain lowering.

A pump drives the splitting cylinder and the feed belt.

The other pump drives the chainsaw and the conveyor belt so that the splitting machine is operated completely hydraulically.

The riving knife is operated by hand in 9 different positions.

The conveyor belt is foldable, swiveled by hand and can easily be raised and lowered with a winch.

Logs up to 4 m long can be placed on the table. The feed belt is 180 cm long, so the log can be easily pulled into the machine.

Important for her:

The automatic splitter is completely assembled, adjusted and tested by us.

You have no risk.

A layman would need about a day to screw the machine together - but how should he implement the setting?

(1) The stop goes back 1.5 cm during the sawing process, so the sawn piece of wood can straight into the splitting channel.

(1) Control lever: With this lever you operate the hydraulic lifting of the chainsaw. Pressing it lightly means lowering it slowly and pressing it fully down means the quickest lowering of the chainsaw. To be on the safe side, a compressed air storage tank is interposed to prevent the saw chain from jamming. Thus the feed of the chainsaw is absolutely optimized.

(2) Control lever: Forward and reverse of the feed belt

(3) Control lever: For operating a log lifter, support table, lifting table, longitudinal and cross conveyor, etc.

Hydraulic cylinder for the hydraulic lowering of the saw chain

Technical specifications


Woodking 410Z Hydro

   Drive    PTO drive 540 rpm
   Splitting power    20 t
   Cutting diameter    40 cm
   Saw Chain / Sword    325 "76 TG 1.5; 45's Sword
   adjustable cutting length    50 cm
   Achievement according to stem strength    3 - 5 RM / hour
   Splitting speed    20 cm / sec.
   Weight with conveyor
   520 kg
   Dimensions (LxWxH) at transport position    410x120x210cm
   Capacity of the hydraulic pump     25 l / min. at 200 bar
   Cylinder diameter     80 mm
   High speed valve     standard


Compressed air storage boiler


(1) Including conveyor belt elevation (so that the split pieces of wood can no longer fall down)

25 cm wide conveyor belt, 3.20 m long conveyor belt

hydraulic drive of the conveyor belt

Included as standard in the scope of delivery

The 6 and 4 wedge are included in the standard scope of delivery.


  • Log lifter SHW for automatic log splitter for 1999,00 € --- currently not available at the time

The log lifter can be connected to all saw splitters, firewood splitters of the Woodking series.

An additional control valve is NOT included in the scope of delivery of the log lifter.

Up to max. Trunks 4 m long can be lifted with this log lifter.

A hydraulic feed roller transports the log into the feed channel.

The feed belt and the hydraulic feed roller of the log lifter are connected in series and are operated by means of a control lever.

  • log support table HZB3000HQ wood support table feed table longitudinal and cross conveyor for Woodking automatic splitters for 1830.00 euros

The wood for loading the saw splitting machine can be conveniently placed on the frame using a forklift or grab arm.

The trunk and the sawing machine are transported by means of a hydraulically driven star wheel roller / spiked roller - this is the longitudinal conveyance.

This means that the spiked roller and the standard feed belt of the automatic sawing machine are connected in series.

The cross-conveyance takes place via 2 roller chains.

The chains are driven hydraulically.

At the end of the chain, 4 log drivers are attached to a shaft, which let the log fall into the longitudinal conveyor.

Several holes are drilled in the supports, so the height and width of the support table can be adjusted depending on the hole pattern.

The two plastic support rollers and the star wheel roller are included.

  • Conversion to street legal 25 km / h for 580 euros

We equip the splitting machine with the corresponding STVZO lighting device.

The acceptance is carried out by DEKRA.

We will send you the DEKRA report afterwards by registered mail.

Please dismantle the forklift pockets beforehand!

This is the current light bar.

Here you can see a video of the Woodking 410Z Hydro 20t automatic splitter splitting a poplar:

The new delivery of Woodking sawing splitters has arrived!

Due to the high quality you have 2 years warranty and 1 year additional MGF warranty for private use.
MGF / Motorgeräte Fritzsch Warranty: Includes the free provision of spare parts upon detection of a material defect in the 3rd year, excluded from the MGF warranty are wearing parts, the remuneration of labor and other expenses.


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