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Splitting machine saw splitter Woodking 33BF sawing machine Firewood automat with gasoline engine conveyor belt and feeder belt

Splitting machine saw splitter Woodking 33BF sawing machine Firewood automat with gasoline engine conveyor belt and feeder belt
Product no.: 33BF+EB

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Splitting machine saw splitter Woodking 33BF sawing machine Firewood automat with gasoline engine conveyor belt and feeder belt

Wood only warms once more - while burning !!! No more cutting and sawing.

This machine is mainly bought by private customers, who operate a year-round heating with wood, and used by semi-professional operators. The proportion of wood heating in rural areas is around 80%.

We sell saw blades since 2006 !!!

Also a demonstration in our house is possible after previous telephone arrangement.

It can be easily operated by one person.


The 13 hp petrol engine drives a heavily dimensioned hydraulic pump. This pump drives the splitter and the hydraulic motor for the chain saw. Another hydraulic pump drives the conveyor belt and the feeder belt. If you press the saw bow down, then the chainsaw comes into operation. After the cut piece of wood has fallen into the slotted shaft, the sawbolt must be pressed in by hand to trigger the splitting process.

The splitting cylinder reacts automatically via a pressure control (with very hard wood it splits more slowly and with soft wood it splits faster). The wood is pressed against a 1.5 cm thick tempered power-saving splitting wedge.

Up to 3 m long logs can be placed on the table. A high contact surface is achieved by the roller-bearing, extended support surface, this means long logs can not tip over. The trunk is pulled in with the hydraulic intake belt. The hydraulic intake belt can be moved back and forth, for example, when the log is jammed because it is crooked and has branches, etc.

The length of the logs can be infinitely adjusted up to 55 cm. You only need to adjust the stop accordingly.

The riving knife can be pushed down or up in steps by means of a hand lever. Thus, depending on the wood thickness, you can split 1-fold, 2-fold, 4-fold or 6-fold (6-fold split cross at extra cost).

Here you see our 4-splitting cross which is delivered as standard. The splitting machine has a nip pressure of 7 tons. This seems to the layman very little, but in connection with the Easy-Spaltkreuz is completely sufficient. Whether beech, oak, birch or spruce (with many or a few branches) - 99% of the machine splits the wood effortlessly.

The 4-cross wedge is beveled flat steel with a thickness of 1.5 cm. In one process, the wood is split with the vertical split flat iron. After the piece of wood is cut in half, it is pressed to the approximately 4 cm distant horizontal flat bar gap and thus halved again. An absolutely power-saving design, since the nip pressure is always concentrated on one point!

Similarly, the 6 Easy splitting cross is constructed. The 6-splitting cross is optionally available for an extra charge.

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

Technical specifications


Woodking 33BF

Power unit   13 hp petrol engine
splitting force    7 t
Max. Section diameter    33 cm
Saw chain / sword    325 "1.5 38 cm 15" 64T
adjustable cutting length    55 cm
Performance according to the size of the trunk    3 - 5 RM / hour
 splitting speed    20 cm / sec.
Weight with conveyor    450 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) in m
at transport position
   4,10 x 1,10 x 2,40 m
Total length with subtracted drawbar in parking position     2,80 m
Liter capacity of the hydraulic pump    approx. 25 l / min. at 200 bar
Cylinder diameter    75 mm
High-speed valve    default

Total length 670 cm at working position
200 cm contact surface from the chain saw to the end of the support roller
Tires: 135/70 R12

Manual release lever for the splitting process

The splitting process is triggered automatically when the saw blade is pressed. With this lever, the splitting process can be extra triggered or stopped again.

Lever for raising and lowering the splitting cross

adjustable longitudinal stop

(1) oil tank
(2) forklift bags

Forklift pockets for better transport of the saw

These forklift bags can also be unscrewed if there is no need for it.


Hydraulic oil filter

Chain oil tank

20 cm wide conveyor belt, 3.20 m conveyor belt

Threaded spindle for tensioning the conveyor belt rubber


Conveyor increase

(so that the splintered pieces of wood can not fall off anymore)

Clear external width


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