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Lawn tractor, Ride-on mower Karsit K22/102HX, 22PS incl. snow blade + snow chains

Lawn tractor, Ride-on mower Karsit K22/102HX, 22PS incl. snow blade + snow chains
Product no.: K22/102HX+SS+SK

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Lawn tractor, Ride-on mower Karsit K22/102HX, 22PS incl. snow blade + snow chains

The tractor is made by the second largest riding mower producer in Europe. Worldwide distribution is obvious.

Any dealer in your area can maintain and repair this tractor. Parts are delivered quickly.

The lawn tractor can be used in any slope terrain. The tractor has as standard differential lock installed.

The collector can be used as a deflector, you have the catcher just fold up and lock. The Rider can even mow in reverse, thereto just another ignition key on the seat must be pressed.

These snow plows we sell in Germany since the year 2000th.

The height of the snow shield is 50 cm. The material thickness is 2mm. The shield is fully powder coated and 5X pivotable, all other parts are galvanized. 

The working width is 118cm, 110-115cm in inclined position.

• 16,8 kW/22 PS 2-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine
• Hydrostatic automatic transmission (continuously)
• 102 cm working width
• 2 support-sensing rollers
• 300 l grass box volume
• 7x cutting height adjustment (30-90mm)
• Electric starter (12 volt battery)
• front headlight
• Padded suspended seat
• solid greaseable cast front axle
• acoustic filling indicator for the catcher
• Trailer hitch standard
• Safety circuit at the seat and clutch
• Electromagnetic blade/knife clutch
• mulching blades and plug set (surcharge)
• Dimensions:
           250 x 105 x 120 cm (with grass box)
           180 x 105 x 120 cm (without grass box)
• Tyres:
        Front 16x6.50-8
        Rear 20x10.00-8
• Turning radius: 74cm
• Speed: Forward 0-9km / h reverse 0-4,5km / h
• 292 kg weight
• incl. snow blade and snow chains

Specification snow blade

  • working width 118cm
  • height of the snow shield 50cm
  • incl. strong Vulkolan scraper, lifting rod, mounting frame

Aufsitzmäher Karsit-Sitz 

Technically interesting is the lock - makes it possible to lock both rear wheels in slop terrain to get better traction thereby. This means that the spinning of the rear wheels can be avoided.
Karsit Höhenverstellung

steering button

Karsit Messerkupplung

Locking the grass box bottom

Aufsitzmäher Karsit

large bumper

Aufsitzmäher Karsit

A: pedal / lever for continuously moving forward
B: Gear lever for infinitely variable reverse

Stoßstange des Rasentraktors Karsit

7x cutting height adjustment

Operating lever for the electromagnetic blade clutch

Rasenmäher Karsit K22

A: differential lock
B: clutch / brake

Karsit Höhenverstellung

Rasentraktor Karsit

PU seat with supports

A: switch for acoustic full indicator of the collecting basket
B: hitch, next to it, lever for the activation the traction drive

Karsit Heckauswurf

voluminous rear ejector 21cm x 19cm

Beverage holder or "beer bottle" holder

KarsitK22/102HX Getränkehalter

Water hose connection for cleaning the mower

cast front axle

22PS V-Twin Briggs and Stratton engine

Tailgate manual actuation

Tailgate locked in position deflector

lifting rod

Pivoting the snow plow by means of spring plug

Four springs holding the snow plow blade.
In the event that you are driving against a curb edge or a manhole cover the snow plow blade folds away due to the spring-loaded return mechanism.
Thus, Snow Blade, transmission and front axle of the lawn tractor are protected.

The snow blade is extra equipped with 4 springs, so it can be adjusted a little harder and not get down too quickly as with 2 springs.
From experience we have found that the snow plows of our competitors work fine with 2 springs in powder snow. However prematurely folds away in the wet heavy snow to the front, because the spring tension is too weak.

Through the threaded bolts on the springs you can adjust the folding mechanism continuously.

adjustable skids on both sides

Vulkollan strip 2 cm thick - not a simple fast-wearing rubber strip
A Vulkolan scraper is included as standard in the delivery.

Here you can see how different you can mow:fff


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