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Small Tractor Kubota B1-15 4WD used with new front loader completely overhauled and repainted

Small Tractor Kubota B1-15 4WD used with new front loader completely overhauled and repainted
Product no.: B1-15FL

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Small Tractor Kubota B1-15 4WD used with new front loader completely overhauled and repainted Item is temporarily not available!


  • new battery
  • new fan belt
  • new radiator hoses
  • new seat
  • new or good used tires
  • new diesel filter
  • new oil filter

The following work was made:
• the tractor was completely taken apart
• Engine / transmission have been checked and repaired
• any defective part was replaced
• steering gear overhauled
• radiator checked

We can prove these works.

Our tractors are equipped according to the current EU safety standards!

Warranty - 1 year. Except on common wear parts, age and running time related wear is not a defect.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • Diesel engine: Kubota D850 - 3 cylinder with 855 ccm
  • Power: 19,8 PS/14,6 kW at 3000 rpm.
  • Bore and stroke: 72 x 70 mm
  • clear width front wheel: 96 cm
  • clear width rear wheel: 106 cm
  • Wheelbase center to center: 133 cm
  • Ground clearance: 25 cm
  • Transmission: mechanical circuit group
  • Number of gears: 6 forward and 2 reverse
  •  max. Speed: 13 km/h
  •  rotation of the PTO: clockwise
  •  PTO Speed: 540 - 860 - 1000 rpm.
  •  Diameter of the PTO: 1" 3/8 - 6 G-parted
  •  agrarian tyres front: 5.00-12
  • agrarian tyres rear: 8 - 18
  • Dimensions  with Frontloader (L x B x H): 310 x 120 x 140 cm
  • weight with Frontloader: 850 kg
  • Frontloader 120 cm work width

Additional option:

  • A floating position can be retrofitted for a surcharge. 

shovel width 120cm

Wheelbase center to center

(1) handles on the fenders
(2) PU foam safety seat with high backrest

The tank is located behind the seat

full hydraulic control of the rear three-point hitch

The gear lever is attached to the side of the fender.

(1) Combination light switch
(2) fuel gauge
(3) Speed ​​display
(4) Temperature display

automatic glow shut-off

 new battery and new air filter

new hoses

with new safety stickers

tractor seat


The crocodile bucket / crocodile bucket / utility bucket / bucket with extra control valve and hose set is optional instead of the standard-front loader bucket for an additional charge of 900 €. The folding shovel with a euro intake is not possible.


Bracket frame HG200 for tractor weight Ballast weight for tractors Small tractors for 350 €

The empty barrel and straps are not included.


60 Liter Fass

200 Liter Fass

With german manual:

4 technicians work daily on the tractors.

Here you can see a video from the everyday life of our tractor workshop (not provided!).

Here you can see two videos from the everyday life of our welding shop (not provided!). 3 professional welders work daily on own productions and custom-made products according to customer orders / customer requests.

Disassembly and assembly of the front loader - uncoupled within 15 minutes - see for yourself !!!

Before disassembling the front loader, lower the front loader bucket to the ground.

The front loader is equipped with parking supports.
These parking supports can be infinitely adjusted depending on the terrain.

You need to extend the parking supports.

Loosen the bolts and disconnect the hydraulic hoses (since these are bayonet locks).

Drive the tractor back.

The front loader stops in the parking position.
Coupling is done in reverse order.

The uncoupling of the front loader takes about 15 minutes.

Put the bayonet locks together with the same numbers.

Here you can watch our video for mounting the front loader:

Kubota spare parts service, information material and operating instructions for tractors bought from us. Look for yourself! <<

Regarding street legal

We provide a finished vehicle papers for 1670.00 Euros and have upgraded the tractor electrically. The vehicle is first registered on company Fritzsch and you only need to make the transfer at the admissions office.
Or after converting the tractor on your own, you can get the DEKRA approval for 600.00 Euros by us. You must retrofitting the tractor on your own, the following must be upgraded: CE headlights with parking lights, mirrors, horn, brake lights and a hazard flasher.

If you want to get the licensing for your own tractor by us, then the tractor has to be presented here and must be technically accepted. You can also retrofitting the tractor on your own even electrically. To create the vehicle registration, we still need a clearance certificate from your tractor. A clearance is required which can cost about 500.00 to 800.00 Euros if you do not have one.


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