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Small tractor SOLIS 26HST hydro tractor 4WD new Lawn tires or industrial tires (Surcharge vehicle letter)

Small tractor SOLIS 26HST hydro tractor 4WD new Lawn tires or industrial tires (Surcharge vehicle letter)
Product no.: Solis26HST

12.420,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

Shipping inside Germany: 350,00 EUR *     * Shipping information

Shipping time: immediately available from stock, since we have several stores in the vicinity, we ask for tel. Pre-registration for pick-up; due to Corona, processing times may take longer

The preparation costs for the vehicle letter and the preparation of the DEKRA report are 400.00 euros!

Small tractor SOLIS 26HST hydro tractor 4WD new Lawn tires or industrial tires (Surcharge vehicle letter)


For over 10 years we have been dealing with the sale of small tractors. With increasing success. We strive to offer a complete program for each clientele, whether it is a reconditioned used tractor or a new tractor of the Japanese premium class.

Likewise, tractors from China and India have your permission. Their quality has improved year by year.

And the market shares steadily grow worldly soft.

We also offer a round program in the accessories sector.

Changes or adjustments on customer request are made by our flexible employees in the metal department / locksmith shop.

There are not many companies offering this service anymore.

The tractors are produced by the company Sonalika in India. It exports to 72 countries and produces 200-250 tractors per day.

The tractor impresses with its simple technical structure. There is no electronics in it. The tractor can be repaired by any experienced locksmith himself.

The Solis 26HST is equipped with a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission and power steering.

Very interesting is the equipment package:

  • Complete conversion to STVZO has already taken place
  • We deliver the tractor with a finished motor vehicle letter with a day registration to Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH (You only have to change the owner name and thus have no effort on the part of the authorities.)
  • Sprung seat
  • 1 hydraulic connection in the rear on the pressure side
  • 1 hydraulic connection on the return side
  • Towing hitch, track and rear three-point hitch as standard
  • Trailer socket for trailer
  • Roll bar
  • Frontzugmaul

All in all, this tractor is a cheap alternative for barn owners, farmers and small farmers.

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

Technical specifications

  • Engine: 3 cylinder swirl chamber Diesel Mitsubishi engine MVS3L2-JC water cooled EPA approved
  • Maximum power: 18,2 kW / 26.0 HP
  • minimum speed: 3.18 km / h
  • maximum speed: 21.03 km / h
  • Bore + stroke: 78 x 92 mm
  • Displacement: 1318 cm³
  • Alternator: 12 volts / 250 watts
  • Transmission: stepless hydrostat
  • Forward speeds: max. 16 km / h
  • Differential lock: mechanically switchable to the rear axle via lever
  • PTO: 2x540 / 1000 rpm. clockwise
  • Hydraulics: gear pump
  • Delivery rate of the hydraulic pump: 14.48 l / min.
  • Three-point rear power lift KATI / rear hydraulics as standard
  • Empty weight: 1055 kg
  • Front wheel base: 1150 mm
  • Rear wheel base: 1400 mm
  • Safety: roll bar with safety belt as standard
  • Ground clearance: 230 mm
  • Steering: hydraulic
  • Height of steering wheel: 1350 mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2800 x 1400 x 2300 mm

(1) forward gear

(2) reverse gear

The turf tires have a high contact surface and thus protect the lawn.

Even in wet terrain as well as on road trips, these tires are ideally suited.

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

Fits the following types: Solis 20 and Solis 26

Technical specifications

  • Front wheel: Tire size: 23x8.50-12
  • Tire width: 22cm
  • Tire diameter: 56cm
  • Inner circle: 11.5cm
  • Hole distance: 7cm
  • Inner hole diameter: 8cm
  • Rear wheel: Tire size: 33x15.5-16.5
  • Tire width: 40cm
  • Tire diameter: 83cm
  • Inner circle: 14cm
  • Hole distance: 8cm
  • Inner hole diameter: 10,7cm
  • Tires incl. Rims


Also available with:
- AS tires diagonal (front 5.00-12 - rear 8.00-18) for 11,888.00 euros
- AS tires radial (front 6.5 / 80-12 - rear 280 / 70R18) for 12,215.00 euros

The new Solis delivery has arrived!


We have visited the manufacturer Sonalika in India, where we have visually inspected the production and quality control and found it for good.

Our Solis tractors we order directly from the factory.

A wide range of accessories at fair prices awaits you with us.

In the Motorgeräte Fritzsch workshop 4 mechanics work on the tractors daily.

Here are some photos of the visit to India:

Jahr 2019

The owner of Sonalika India, Mr. Mittal, congratulates Fritzsch for the good cooperation since 2014. Sonalika is privately owned and produces 200,000 tractors per year. It was an honor for me!


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