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Tractor Eurotrack 454E 4WD 45HP, with front loader, new and street legal

Tractor Eurotrack 454E 4WD 45HP, with front loader, new and street legal
Product no.: Eurotrack-454E+FL

13.350,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

Shipping inside Germany: 450,00 EUR *     * Shipping information

Tractor Eurotrack 454E 4WD 45HP, with front loader, new and street legal

Compact tractor Eurotrack 454E with 4WD, frontloader 140cm,
street legal, Dekra approval and CE-certificate

Since 1959, the Chinese company Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., now the Mahindra Yueda Tractor W. Ltd. is manufacturer. It is the largest and oldest producer of tractors. The production amounts to some 300,000 tractors per year.

The tractors are sold worldwide. Meanwhile, these tractors have proven itself by their simple and robust design also in the international market and they are and the best-selling four-wheel tractors including England and the United States.

This tractor is characterized by simple technology without any electronics.

Paint damage, abrasions by the sea transport are present at every tractor.

This tractor is an affordable option for stable owners, farmers and small farms.

We deliver the tractor with a ready-to-use vehicle letter with a daily license to the Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH. You only have to rewrite the change of ownership and therefore do not have to worry about the authorities.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • Engine: 4-cylinder-turbulence chamber-Diesel engine 4L45B water-cooled EPA-tested
  • power: 33,1 kW/45,0PS at 2400 rpm.
  • Bore and stroke: 95 x 100 mm
  • capacity: 2830 cm³
  • Max. Lifting force: 500 kg
  • compression: 22:1
  • max. torque: 202 NM
  • alternator: 12 Volt / 250 Watt
  • Clutch: Dualstage
  • Number of gears: 8 forward and 2 reverse
  • speed forward:
    normal (HI)     crawler gear reduction (LO)
    10,37 km/h     2,25 km/h
    13,87 km/h      3,00 km/h
    19,45 km/h     4,22 km/h
    28,86 km/h    6,26 km/h
  • speed backward:
    normal (HI)     crawler gear reduction (LO)
    13,2 km/h       2,86 km/h
  • turning radius: 3,50 m without brake/ 3,50 m with brake
  • Differential Lock: mechanically switchable via lever to the rear axle
  • PTO: 540 / 1000 rpm. clockwise
  • Hydraulics: Gear Pump 22,6 l/min.
  • Three-point rear hitch KATI / rear hydraulics standard equipment
  • empty weight: 1587 kg
  • Safety: roll bar and seat belt standard equipment
  • Wheelbase front outside: 1400 mm
  • Wheelbase rear outside: 1500 mm
  • agrarian tyres: 6.50-16 front and 11.2-24 rear
  • ground clearance: 310 mm
  • Steering: hydraulic
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3375 x 1585 x 2510 mm
  • incl. frontloader 140cm

The front loader is equipped with Euro-box.

This means that the quick-change frame is standard.

They hang the shovel without tools and have to lock the shovel with the bolt or lever.

Available implements:

• Comfort cab with heater and wipers 3999,00 Euro


The crocodile bucket / utility bucket / bucket with Control valve and hose set is optional instead of the default front loader bucket for an additional charge of 850 €.

Additional options at additional cost:

  • Floating position for the front loader


  • Rear wheels 1 pair of Terra tires Industrial tires suitable for Eurotrack 254E and 454E for 1590 €



Rear weight front weight HG200 tractor weight Ballast weight for tractors Small tractors for 199 €

The empty barrel and straps are not included.


60 Liter Fass

200 Liter Fass

Here you can see a video in the free factory area of Jinma during the visit in autumn 2018:

Here is an insight into the outdoor area - Jinma tractors lined up twice:


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