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Flail mulcher SLM135H heavy hammer flail mower for tractors small tractor

Flail mulcher SLM135H heavy hammer flail mower for tractors small tractor
Product no.: SLM135Hneu-Oel

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Flail mulcher SLM135H heavy hammer flail mower for tractors small tractor

Including 1 bottle of gear oil + all lubrication points are pre-greased!

We sell this unit since 2005 and order from our Italian distributors always full truck loads, therefore our top price at top quality.

The small tractor should have a rear three-point hitch and KATI, a standard PTO 1 3/8 with 540rpm.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

• 135cm working width
• Drive speed 540rpm
• gearbox with freewheel
• 24 hammer-flail blades
• Stone guard, front and rear
• Housing made of 6mm steel plate
• for tractors from 28hp
• bracket is standard
• Weight approx 292kg

Hammer flails

This flail mower is suitable due to its light weight for tractors from 28hp. At high grass it is safer to go with the 1st gear and a small group, then a small tractor is not overloaded.

The flail shaft is driven via 3 belts, wherein the tensioning device is easy to grasp and adjust. In the version with Y knives 2 V-belt are sufficient as drive, due to its high balance mass is tall grass, tree branches and bushes to 3cm thickness absolutely no problem. By hammers flails a better and clean cut is observed.

The transmission is strengthened and dimensioned correspondingly large.

Gear oil needs to be replenished.

At the front of mulcher prevent galvanically coated pendulum lamellae the penetration of stones and other objects, so you have the security against stone impact.

The device conforms to the applicable safety standards and is CE - certified.

The mulcher is equipped with freewheel gear. The PTO is included.

The flail mower is equipped with hammer-knives, which are staggered around the shaft. The blades have a long service life and can be easily sharpened with an angle grinder.

The steel housing is outside 6 mm thick. The inner part is made ​​of 4mm sheet steel.

The bracket is included as standard in the package.

The rear roller is equipped with a wiper, and thus self-cleaning of the entire length.

The stone guard is fitted front and rear.

The cutting height is easily adjustable in 6 steps by skids. But also the rear roller can be adjusted in height. As Option 3 the cutting height can be adjusted by adjustment of the upper arm.


Roller and blade shaft greaseable

3x V-belt as drive from transmission to the blade shaft

Skids inside 4x adjustable

Rear roller adjustable 6-way

10 cm offset in the posture

The flail mower can be attached to the tractor offset by 10 cm if the holding triangles are offset accordingly.

bolts (diameter 22 mm) inward

6 mm material thickness

Roll diameter


With manual including parts list!

Directly available in our warehouse! All spare parts are also in stock!


Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length!


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