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Professional auger 15-20cm with hydraulic pressure booster rear auger for tractors

Professional auger 15-20cm with hydraulic pressure booster rear auger for tractors
Product no.: EBGH15-20

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Professional auger 15-20cm with hydraulic pressure booster rear auger for tractors


The small tractor should have a rear three-point hitch KATI and a standard PTO 540U/min. clockwise.

For your information:
The ideal device for drilling holes etc. No fence pillars augers can drill into stone or rock.

Every year we sell about 200 tractors in Germany.

All Tractor Accessories are active used by our customers. Thus we have the best feedback regarding durability, quality, suitability, etc..

We buy only full trucks ex factory.

To the manufacturer, we can now report problems and obtain technical changes.

We are not an Internet agency, which has no idea how their products work. 

The PTO drives a large-sized gear.

(1) Transmission
(2) protective cover

The auger is secured by a shear bolt on the transmission. The shear bolt is a normal M12er screw.

If the drill is entangled to an obstacle, then the shear bolt breaks and the transmission can not be damaged. An easy and simple solution! 

(1) Transmission
(2) Scheer Screw - Screw normal M12er

View of the shear bolt protection cover

The Standard PTO is included. However, you can also buy a PTO shaft with slip clutch for 140.00 euros.

But no one knows what triggers, the slip clutch or rather breaking the shear bolt. Actually, the shear bolt is completely sufficient!

The auger screw blade has the following dimensions:

The screw blade 15-20cm has a standard replaceable drill tip and replaceable cutter.

The following accessories are available:

  • replacement blades
  • replacement Tip
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch


  • Ideal for drilling fence pillar holes
  • fits to rear three-point linkage KATI / Standard PTO 540U/min. clockwise
  • including standard PTO
  • Bracket is 2x height-adjustable
  • replaceable auger screw blades cutter and  tip
  • Material thickness of drill: 3mm
  • weight: about 150kg
  • Auger screw blades with 15-20cm diameter


Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length.

Angle adjustment on drill rod 2 times


Hydraulic pressure cylinder

By means of an additional pressure line, a hydraulic cylinder is actuated, exerts additional pressure on the auger. You drill with additional hydraulic pressure boosting.



video of a similar device:


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