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Rear return rotary tiller UMK145 with roll suitable for tractors

Rear return rotary tiller UMK145 with roll suitable for tractors
Product no.: UMK145

2.250,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

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Shipping time: immediately available from stock, since we have several stores in the vicinity, we ask for tel. Pre-registration for pick-up; Delivery time: 4-5 days after receipt of payment by freight forwarder

2 years warranty + 1 year MGF parts warranty!

Rear return rotary tiller UMK145 with roll suitable for tractors

This rotary hoe / tiller we are selling since 2005.

Due to the high quality we grant 3 years MGF warranty for private users.

The rotary tiller can be attached to any small tractor.

The tractor should have a rear three-point linkage and KATI a standard PTO 540rpm. clockwise

The PTO is included.

The drive of the blade shaft happens via a oil bath lubricated shaft. The bearings of the blade shaft are always lubricateable from the outside.

The device corresponds the current CE regulations, including attached safety sticker.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • 145 cm  working width
  • 380 kg weight
  • from 30 PS tractor power
  • Light outside dimension frame roll: 170 cm
  • number of blades: 28x
  • working width - tiller blade to tiller blade: 139 cm
  • tiller box internal dimension: 145 cm
  • External dimensions tiller box: 162 cm
  • including PTO

This rotary cultivator has a reinforced gearbox and housing. This can be notice already at the higher weight.

The reverse rotary cultivator is a special type of the normal rotary tiller.

The auger runs opposite to the rotational direction of the tractor wheels.

The soil cut out by the blades is thrown against a screen, thereby stones or large remains of plants are separated from the fine soil and covered by the sieved soil. Thus we obtain a seedbed free of stones and large material.

The trailing crumbs roller presses against the ground and smoothes at the same time.

A reverse rotary cultivator helps to save time and optimally prepares the ground for growing vegetables before.

It can also be used efficiently in horticulture, in order to obtain a smooth and stone-free surface.

The return rotary tiller can still be moved about 10 cm. That if you screw the brackets loose you can move the cutter body and then screw it tight securely.

External dimensions tiller box: 162 cm

Light outside dimension frame roll: 170 cm

28 tiller blades

lubricateable blade shaft

Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length.

Due to the high quality you have 2 years warranty and 1 year additional MGF warranty for private use.
MGF / Motorgeräte Fritzsch Warranty: Includes the free provision of spare parts upon detection of a material defect in the 3rd year, excluded from the MGF warranty are wearing parts, the remuneration of labor and other expenses.


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