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Round baler press CAEB MP550TPL hay baler straw press for small tractors

Round baler press CAEB MP550TPL hay baler straw press for small tractors
Product no.: MP550TPL

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Round baler press CAEB MP550TPL hay baler straw press for small tractors


Small round baler CAEB MP550TPL, hay baler
straw press for small tractors

This baler can be connected to tractors - PTO drive.

The tractor-drawn MOUNTAINPRESS MP 550 TPL was designed for farmers in mountain areas who require agile, safe and highly professional machines.  With its low center of gravity tipping is almost impossible.

Because of the small outside dimensions, it is ideal for small areas where the large technique can not be used.

About every 40 seconds the machine produces a hay bale that weighs 20-25 kg.

The formation of (mini) hay bales of any kind is known as soft-hearted, because the ball heart is less pressed to allow the hay a correct transpiration and to prevent a possible mold growth.

The outside is much denser pressed to produce a water-repellent self sparing hay layer around the round bale.

Pressing is done without cutting and threshing, to preserve the original quality of the hay.

Due to its handy size the hay bales are ideal for horse owners and horse farms, etc.

We are CAEB Key distributor Germany.

Since 2006 we sell CAEB round balers.

We always have some in stock!

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

After consultation with our customers, who have already purchased a machine from us, we can give you a reference.

Here is the video of a customer:


  • Suitable for tractors from 13.0 PS
  • Power Requirements: 6.6 to 14.8 kW
  • Ball Dimensions: 55 x 52 cm
  • Weight of Hay bales produced 20-25 kg
  •                   Straw bales 14-18 kg
                      Silage bales 30-50 kg
  • Hour production / Capacity: 50-80 pcs
  • collecting width: 700-1050 mm
  • Teeth of the pickup intake: 16 double teeth
  • Tying with mesh: standard
  • Signal for bale formation: Optional
  • Chain protection coupling: standard
  • Length: 1650-2500 mm
  • Total weight with operating equipment: 255-280 kg
  • Tires: 3.50-8 4PR
  • min. Working speed of the machine: 2.5 km / h
  • Swash wheels pair included as standard
  • automatic chain lubrication
  • PTO

On a net roll are 1500m net, 150-200 bales can be produced per roll depending on press-strength.

A = width 19 cm
B = Clearance outside 130 cm
C = 118 cm Wide Pickup

Standard equipment for the road traffic

supplied with replacement role

Heuballen pressen
Park position

Wheel diameter 45 cm

Wheel detent

Angular adjustment of the drawbar

Height adjustment of the drawbar

remote control

Diameter ca. 65cm

Length ca. 54cm

Here are some sample viedeos:

Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length.

Video of the round baler press CAEB MP550TPL from Mr. Böhme


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