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Slope mower BML145 Slope mulcher light version for tractors

Slope mower BML145 Slope mulcher light version for tractors
Product no.: BML145

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Slope mower BML145 Slope mulcher light version for tractors Item is temporarily not available!

This mower is suitable for tractors from 40 to 60PS. Of course a stronger tractor can be used.

The tractor must have 2x flow and return, so two double-acting control valves should exist to realize pivoting and side shift.

The deck fits on tractors that have a rear three point linkage KatII.

The PTO shaft is included.

The transmission has a freewheel, so the balanced flail shaft can run out without problems.

The flail mower comes standard with hammer flails.

Embankments, surfaces, ditches and slopes to be mowed because of lateral displacing. The working angle is + 90 ° to -65 °.

In this mower hammer blades are fitted with a weight of 600g.

The rear roller is greasable.

The galvanized sheet metal lamellas suspended at the front of the mower have a protective function against the escape of stones and other stuff lying in the meadow.

The flail mower is driven via 3 V-belts by transmission.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

• 145 cm working width
• 24 hammer blades
• + 90 ° to -55 ° working range
• 270 kg in weight
• Drive performance 40-60PS
• PTO speed 540 rpm
• parking support

Important: oil is not filled in the transmission. It is gear oil 85W90 to use.

tilt up to 90 °

 Video of the smaller device:

The diameter of the roller is 16cm.

The hammer flails weigh 600g.


lubrication nipples



Pivoting arms and main pivot bolt are greaseable by means of a grease/lubrication nipple.

material thickness: 6mm

(1) profile 160x60
2x flow and return

parking supports

Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length.

Danger! Please fill up oil before use!


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