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excavator / earthmover/ digger backhoe HB15S, rear actor for tractor three-point linkage with manual side shift

excavator / earthmover/ digger backhoe HB15S, rear actor for tractor three-point linkage with manual side shift
Product no.: HB15S

3.600,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

Shipping inside Germany: 190,00 EUR *     * Shipping information

Shipping time: immediately available from stock, since we have several stores in the vicinity, we ask for tel. Pre-registration for pick-up

2 years warranty + 1 year MGF parts warranty!

excavator / earthmover/ digger backhoe HB15S, rear actor for tractor three-point linkage with manual side shift Item is temporarily not available!
HB15S with side shift suitable for small tractors

This is a very solid Backhoe - the material has not been saved. These excavators we sell since 2008.

The backhoe for tractors may be assembled to each tractor.

Excavator with manual side shift, three-point excavators are for private and professional use.

Important!!! Each of our rear dredges has a three-point stiffener (standard)!

The rear dredges is thus firmly connected to the tractor.

This means that lifting and lowering with the rear three-point lifting is no longer possible.

Due to the dead weight of the raer dredger and with the wide reach to the rear, damage to the hydraulics would occur (bent sub-brakes of broken-out upper streering brackets, etc.).

The three-point stiffening makes the excavator and the tractor a compact unit.

Thus, vibrations, wobbling, and distortions are excluded.

The excavator is stable on its hydraulically extendable supports.

The backhoe is designed for the rear three-point hitch and KATI.


  • Shovel / bucket length: 31 cm
  • Shovel width inside/Panel width: 30 cm
  • Shovel arm Total length: 245 cm
  • Sideshift 1,10m
  • Drive of the digger is via the tractor PTO
  • Dimensions in transport position (HxWxL): 1600 x 950 x 1700 mm
  • max. Working depth: 95 cm
  • max. Working radius: 244cm
  • max. Lifting height: 228 cm
  • Rotation angle: 180 °
  • Bucket angle: 203 ° opening angle
  • Bucket capacity: 0.01 m3
  • Shovel power: 1500 kg
  • Weight: 270 kg
  • Pump capacity: 40 liters per minute
  • Clear dimension of the metal transport box LxWxH 120 x 90 x 150 cm

Please shorten the PTO shaft to required length.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

 Important NOTE!!! Intermediate bolt and holder draf be no game!

sideshift 1,10m

Due to the absolutely stable processing we offer lifetime warranty against bending of the excavator arms. In case of damage we will send free the relevant arm.

External dimension framework 1,10m 


The excavator arm can be moved by muscular force (adjusting screws open). The displacement distance is 1.10m.

Side shift is good if you need to dredging a trench right next to a house wall.

The adjusting screws must be tightened by hand.

The drive of the digger is via the PTO shaft of the tractor. This rear actor has an internal oil circuit with oil tank and PTO pump.

The PTO pump is driven by the supplied PTO shaft.

The oil in the storage tank is not filled because such large amounts of oil are not allowed to remain in the machine during transport, for environmental reasons.

Depending on the backhoe type you have to refill about 25 liters standard hydraulic oil 46S.

The PTO pump is connected directly to the tractor.

A: 244cm  B: 81cm  C: 228cm

locking of the excavator arm

The following buckets/shovels are available:

Three buckets are optionally available for the backhoe HB15S. These have the same shape and differ only in the width and the number of digger teeth.

1. basic form

This is the standard bucket.
This is fitted as standard on the excavator.

2. optional types

Image 1:        3 digger teeth - 299 EUR

( This is the standard bucket.
This is fitted as standard on the excavator. )

Image 2:     4 digger teeth - 350 EUR

Image 3:          grave spoon - 410 EUR

Image Number of teeth bucket width B bucket capacity
1 3 30 cm 0,017 m3
2 4 40 cm 0,022 m3
3 without 60 cm 0,040 m3

Due to the high quality you have 2 years warranty and 1 year additional MGF warranty for private use.
MGF / Motorgeräte Fritzsch Warranty: Includes the free provision of spare parts upon detection of a material defect in the 3rd year, excluded from the MGF warranty are wearing parts, the remuneration of labor and other expenses.


We hereby declare that the product is designed for mounting in or on a machine.

The machine in which the above-mentioned part is to be installed, should not be put into operation until it was found that the machine complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Any damage arising therefrom is not chargeable by Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH. Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH disclaims any liability for damages, because we have no influence on installation, use and safety of the machine.

For Diesel Engines: As none of the major manufacturers give warranty / statutory warranty rights in the use of vegetable oil for diesel engines, we hereby join in this scheme.


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