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front loader with bucket and actuating devices for self-assembly to tractors

front loader with bucket and actuating devices for self-assembly to tractors
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front loader with bucket and actuating devices for self-assembly to tractors

The front loader is CE approved and has all safety labels, nameplate and all other warnings.

A manual is included.

The front loader has a risk assessment or certificate of conformity as required according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42EG.  

It corresponds to the special front loader standard DIN EN12525 agricultural machinery loaders security.

Think about your safety!!!

Our competitors sell untested front loaders, which were mostly manufactured in Asia.

None of these products complies with European safety standards:
• missing important safety parts in these products
• there is no manual

At Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH you will get safe, tested and accepted front loaders. These are 100% compliant with current European standards.

The front loaders correspond with the EU standard 12525 and have been tested!

In standard scope of delivery the following is included:

  • Front loader complete with all mounting hardware and mounting brackets for the particular type of tractor including all hoses and a single-lever control valve
  • a pressure line and a tube for the return flow is connected to the control valve

The connection to existing hydraulic pump of the tractor you must make yourself.

The blade width is adapted for each type of tractor.

The following blade widths are in the range of products:

  • 110 cm for small tractors
  • 120 cm for small tractors
  • 126 cm for medium tractors
  • 150 cm for large tractors

The frontloader it´s possible to order for the following types; delivery time 2-3 months:

  • Yanmar
    YM12, YM14, YM135, YM135D, YM140, YM141, YM143 YM143D YM155, YM155D, YM165, YM165D, YM167, YM167D, YM169D, YM180, YM180D, YM182, YM186, YM186D, YM188, YM188D, YM195, YM195D
    YM200, YM206, YM206D, YM220D, YM226, YM226D, YM240 YM240D YM241, YM241D YM246 YM246D, YM257 YM257D, YM258, YM258D, YM276, YM276D, YM330, YM330D, YM336, YM336D
    F-21S, F-28, F-32, F-37, F-42, F180D, F220D, F265D, F360, F420
    FE-240, FE-280
    KE-140, KE-160, KE-200H
    EF227, EF230, EF233, EF235
    GK160, GK200
  • Iseki
    TX 1300 A, TX 1500 A, TX 2140 H, TX 2140 A, TX 2160 A, TX 2160 AL
    TS 1910 H, TS 1910 A, TS 3110 AL
    TE 3210 A, TE 4270 AL, TE 4350 AL, TE 4370 AL, TE 4410
    2115 A, 2120 A, 2120 AL, 2120 AHL, 2125 AHL
    3015 A, 3015 A H, 3020 A, 3020 AL, 3020 AHL, 3025 AL, 3025 AHL, 3030 AL, 3030 AHL
    3125 AL, 3125 AHL, 3125 AHL-Spezial, 3130 AL, 3130 AHL, 3130 AHL-Spezial, 3135 AHL, 3135 AHL-Spezial
    5035 AL, 5040 AL
    5135 AL, 5140 AL, 5140 AHL, 5150 AL
    SG 13, SG 15 H, SG 17 H
    SGR 17 H, SGR 19 HL, SGR 25 H
    SF 300/303, SF 330/333, SF 310/370
    SZ 330
    TM 3140, TM 3160
    TXG 23 A/H
    TM 3200 AL/AHL, TM 3240 AHL, TM 3215, TM 3245, TM 3265
    TH 4260 AL, TH 4290, TH 4295, TH 4330, TH 4335, TH 4365
    TG 5390, TG 5470
    TJ 75
    SF 200, SF 230
    SFH 220, SFH 240
  • Kubota
    A-13, A-14, A-15, A-17, A-19, A-30, A-155, A-175, A-195
    B-10, B-40
    B52, B72, B92
    B1200, B1400, B1402, B1500, B1502, B1600, B1702, B1902, B2402, B5000, B5001, B6000, B6001, B7000, B7001, B7500, B7510
    B1-14, B1-15, B1-16, B1-17
    GB13, GB14, GB15, GB16, GB18, GB20
    GB110, GB130, GB140, GB150, GB160, GB170, GB180, GB200
    GB115, GB135, GB145, GB155, GB175
    GL-19, GL-21, GL-23, GL-25, GL-26, GL-27, GL-29, GL-32, GL-33, GL-35, GL-40, GL-43, GL-46, GL-53
    GL200, GL201, GL221, GL240, GL241, GL260, GL261, GL268, GL277, GL280, GL281
    GL300, GL301, GL320, GL321, GL337, GL338, GL350, GL367, GL368
    GL400, GL417, GL418, GL430, GL467, GL470
    GT-3, GT-5, GT-8
    GT19, GT21, GT23, GT26, GT30
    KL21, KL23, KL25, KL27, KL30, KL33, KL36, KL43
    KL28H, KL31H, KL34H, KL38H, KL41H, KL46H, KL50H
    KL210, KL230, KL250, KL270, KL300, KL330
    KL210H, KL230H, KL250H, KL270H, KL280H, KL310H, KL340H
    KT20, KT22, KT24, KT27, KT30
    L27, L33, L46, L120, L140, L170, L200, L240, L260, L270, L280, L350
    L1500, L1501, L1511, L1801, L1802, L2000, L2002, L2200, L2201, L2202, L2402, L2600, L2601, L2602, L2802, L3001, L3202, L3500, L3602, L4202, L4214
    L1-18, L1-20, L1-22, L1-24, L1-26, L1-28, L1-33, L1-38, L1-43, L1-45
    L1-185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L1-225, L1-235, L1-245, L1-255, L1-265, L1-275, L1-285, L1-295, L1-315, L1-325, L1-345, L1-385, L1-435, L1-455'
    X-20, X-24

Here´s the front loader when mounted on a Kubota B1-16D.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


We hereby declare that the product is designed for mounting in or on a machine.

The machine in which the above-mentioned part is to be installed, should not be put into operation until it was found that the machine complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Any damage arising therefrom is not chargeable by Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH. Motorgeräte Fritzsch GmbH disclaims any liability for damages, because we have no influence on installation, use and safety of the machine.

For Diesel Engines: As none of the major manufacturers give warranty / statutory warranty rights in the use of vegetable oil for diesel engines, we hereby join in this scheme.


⇒ Typing errors, misapprehensions and changes excepted.

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