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snow blade galvanized 118 x 50 cm for lawn tractors Emak

snow blade galvanized 118 x 50 cm for lawn tractors Emak
Product no.: SS2-V-Emak

410,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

Shipping inside Germany: 45,00 EUR *     * Shipping information

Shipping time: immediately available from stock, since we have several stores in the vicinity, we ask for tel. Pre-registration for pick-up; Delivery time: 4-5 days after receipt of payment by freight forwarder

snow blade galvanized 118 x 50 cm for lawn tractors Emak

These snow plows we sell in Germany since the year 2000th.

The height of the snow shield is 50 cm. The material thickness is 2 mm. The sign is completely hot-dip galvanized and can be 5x pivotable. 

The working width is 118cm, 110-115 cm in inclined position.

The price of the corresponding mounting frame is included for your lawn tractor.

Important: Please give us the type of lawn tractor. Write off the name plate, it is usually under the seat and / or send us pictures of your lawn tractor, because the more data we get the more accurate we can determine the mounting frame for you.

Important: The manufacturing industry in the lawn tractor business sold in all sales channels if distributors, hardware store or large distributors. The base frame is always the same. If desired engines, hoods, paint, stickers, Mowers, depending on width, wheels, etc. modified.
Therefore you ask us, we can help to 90%.

Our Snow Blade fits these lawn tractors:

  • MTD:
    - Optima LF145H, Optima LF165H
    - Optima LG145H, Optima LG165H, Optima LG200H
    - Smart RF125, Smart RF130H, Smart RG145
    - Smart RC125, Smart RE130H, Smart RN145
  • MTD baut auch für Iseki:
    - CM7113H, CM7226H, CM7322
  • Iseki Cut Master CM7014H Pro, CM7124H
  • CastelGarden XDC140HD, CG84HB
  • Stiga Estate Master HST
  • Stiga Estate:
    - 2084, 3084H, 3384H, 4092H, 5102H, 6092HW, 7102HWS, 7122HWS
  • Stiga Estate Pro: 9102XWS, 9122XWS
  • Stiga Tornado: 2098H, 3098H, 3108H, 5108HW
  • Alpina BT84HCS, BT84HCB, BT84B
  • Efco EF84/14,5H
  • Oleo Mac OM84/14,5H
  • Solo 574H,  573
  • Black Edition Pro 165/84
  • Blisar LE14,5/84
  • McCulloch:
    - M115-77TC, M125-97TC, M145-97TC, M155-107TC
    - M185-107TC, M200-107TC, T145-97T
  • Husqvarna:
    - TS38, TS138, TS142,TS238, TS242, TS243, TS343, TS346
    - TC130, TC138, TC142, TC238, TC242, TC338, TC342
  • Herkules:
    - HT92-13,5; HT92-16; HT109-19,5; HT102-24; HT102-24D
    - HT102-24X; HT122-24X; HT110-24D; HT102-24XD; HT102-22XE
  • Viking Serie T4, T5, T6:
    - MT 4097 S, MT 4097 SX, MT 4112 S, MT 4112 SZ, MT 5097
    MT 5097 C,MT 5097 Z, MT 5112 Z, MT 6112 C, MT 6112 ZL, MT 6127 ZL

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • working width 118 cm
  • height of the snow shield 50 cm

lifting rod

Through the threaded bolts on the springs you can adjust the folding mechanism continuously.

Four springs holding the snow plow blade. In the event that you are driving against a curb edge or a manhole cover the snow plow blade folds away due to the spring-loaded return mechanism.Thus, Snow Blade, transmission and front axle of the lawn tractor are protected.

The snow blade is extra equipped with 4 springs, so it can be adjusted a little harder and not get down too quickly as with 2 springs.
From experience we have found that the snow plows of our competitors work fine with 2 springs in powder snow. However prematurely folds away in the wet heavy snow to the front, because the spring tension is too weak.

Pivoting the snow plow by means of spring plug

adjustable skids on both sides

Vulkollan strip 2 cm thick - not a simple fast-wearing rubber strip
A Vulkolan scraper is included as standard in the delivery.

We can supply mounting frames / adapters for almost every lawn tractor manufacturers, such as AGS, Alko, Brill, Cooper, Craftsman, Dolmar, Honda, Husqvarna, Iseki, Kubota, Karsit, MTD, McCulloch, Oleo Mac, Outils, Partner, Solo, Toro, Viking, Verts Loisirs, Wolf, YardPro ...

Please specify lawn tractor type when buying!


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