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Professional snow thrower Yanase Y7-9GE snowblower 10.5 PS with electric start

Professional snow thrower Yanase Y7-9GE snowblower 10.5 PS with electric start
Product no.: Y7-9GE

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Professional snow thrower Yanase Y7-9GE snowblower 10.5 PS with electric start

Snowblower Yanase Y7-9GE
with electric start
Japanese product
designed for hard-snow

These snow throwers are produced since many years unchanged and has proved itself successfully at the highly competitive Japanese market.

Because we ourselves are settled in an area with guaranteed snow and have therefore the direct contact with the customer.

This snow thrower getting you through the winter.

Generously dimensioned auger gear of gray cast iron - not from cast aluminum.

Everything is mounted on ball bearings - not such plain bearings like the cheap snow blowers.

The material thickness of auger is 3 mm - other manufacturers are content with anything less. Of course, the auger is serrated to be able to shred hard snow easily.

The free-running auger is especially suitable for hard snow, because otherwise the side plates attached to chute are annoying while driving.

The track is especially long and wide in order to achieve a good contact surface. The contact surface is 38 cm. The width of the track chain is 12 cm. Thus, the snowblower has good traction and does not slide quickly.

The rollers are made ​​of iron - not plastic. The drive wheel and the front wheel are made ​​of cast steel.

The motor is powered by a Briggs &Stratton Snow Engine 10.5PS max. performance. Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest manufacturer of small engines.

The weight of the snowblower is distributed so that the entire load is on the front chute. Thus the climbing up of the snowblower at hard snow, blown snow or roof snow is prevented and you mill away the snow to the very bottom.

The chute can be easily rotated with one hand, without great effort. This means you only need to press the hand lightly on the handle and you can easily pivot the chute.

The long discharge chute throws the snow out bundled, thus a more accurate and powerful ejection is possible. Other manufacturers produce shorter ejection chutes, so the snow is widespread.

Through the long and lean chute the snow is ejected bundled and not only thrown wide.

The deflector can be kinked double, so the snow can be placed next to the snowblower.

This snowblower is designed for the following needs. A small and manoeuvrable snowblower with a high horsepower engine and best ejection results in hard and blown snow.

The self-weight of 155 kg of says it all.
Despite the heavy weight, the wide surface of the snow chains causes an easy turn by hand.

The ejection  power is enormous, because the impeller is equipped with 4 blades a 11 cm long. Other manufacturers use 3 impellers 8.5 cm in length.

The discharge chute is round and has a large diameter of 13.5 cm.

Supplied as standard is the snowblower with electric start (12V battery) and Recoilstart.

(1) Gear lever for infinitely variable forward and reverse
(2) ON / OFF
(3) adjusting the chute deflector

Why are the Japanese snowblowers the best in quality:

Japanese manufacturers are keen to ensure the best quality and longevity of the product. The side of the island facing Siberia - is extremely snow kingdom. When the cold winds coming from Siberia move across the ocean still produce enough wet snow - then snow of 1 m or more is not uncommon. Thus, a Japanese snowblower on the island is much more stressed than in the low mountain ranges in Europe.

Enjoy the advantage of Japanese quality snowblowers. Experience has shown that the shear bolts can break down and possibly even the spark plug. The belts hold at least 5 years.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


• Engine: 7.7 kW/10,5PS Briggs & Stratton OHV Snow engine
• Maximum power 7.7 kW/10,5PS at 3600 rpm
• Displacement: 305 ccm
• Starter system: electric start (12V battery) and manual start standard
• Clearing width: 70 cm
• Input Height: 54 cm
• clearence principle: two-stage
• track contact surface: 38 cm
• Track width: 12 cm
• Throwing distance: up to 20 m depending on snow consistency
• Ejection Power: 55 t / h
• stepless speed: forward 0 - 2.8 km / h; reverse 0 - 1.3 km / h
• Hydrostatic drive
• Lighting included
• Fuel gauge
• infinitely variable auger height adjustment
• Weight: 155 kg
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1500 x 650 x 1425 mm



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