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Snow blower Snowpower 656E 6.5 HP with electric start and manual start

Snow blower Snowpower 656E 6.5 HP with electric start and manual start
Product no.: 656Eneu

660,00 EUR   16 % VAT incl.

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Snow blower Snowpower 656E 6.5 HP with electric start and manual start

Snowblower Snowpower 656
with wheel drive and electric start
in reinforced version with German components

Device completely assembled and ready for operation for 690 €

We are not a lowland snowblower crate shovel. We have been trading this product for 3 years.

We have been able to gain relevant experience, since we ourselves are located in a snow-rich region of Germany.

The devices are sold wholesale and retail. Before we bring the equipment for sale, they are extensively tested. Last year we had plenty of opportunity.

To increase the output, we have a stronger engine with 6.5 hp / 4.7 kW installed. Thus, this snowblower has enough power and reserve.

The snowblower comes in the color red.

A very ample spare parts stock is available.

The snowthrower works on the proven two-stage principle - the snow is shredded by the slow-running auger and transported to the rear of the blast wheel. The blower wheel throws the snow through the fireplace. The fireplace can be rotated by 190 °.

Depending on the snow conditions, you can then choose the gears. That means the 2nd or 3rd gear on light powder snow. However, in wet heavy snow, you must use 1st gear.

We guarantee a serious transaction - you have full right of return.

Technical specifications
• 6.5 hp / 4.7 kW OHV engine 196 cc
• Handstart + electric start 222V
• 5 forward and 2 reverse gears
• wheel drive
• 55 cm clearing width
• two-stage (for further ejection, low in constipation)


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