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Snow thrower MTD Cub Cadet XS3 66SWE snow blower with electric start

Snow thrower MTD Cub Cadet XS3 66SWE snow blower with electric start
Product no.: 31AY5EVX603

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Snow thrower MTD Cub Cadet XS3 66SWE snow blower with electric start

This snowblower is a german quality product. CUB CADET offers you a complete series of snow blowers. User-friendly, powerful, proven and robust.

The two-stage CUB CADET snow throwers with wheel drive, heated bars, "Xtreme-Auger" and powerful OHV engines are particularly convenient and easy to handle. The CUB CADET auger conveys the snow back to the rotor, which ejects it (in two stages) through the discharge chute. The wheel drive is independent of this, so that the CUB CADET snow thrower always moves on and constantly clears snow.

With the new CUB CADET model XS3 66SWE with new broach and a clearing width of 66 cm and 2-way joystick, a large amount of snow can be cleared in a short time.

The snowthrower is equipped with a 230 V electric starter.
Since this device has a working light, snow can be safely and comfortably cleared even in the dark!

The "Xtreme-Auger" snail system ensures safety and very good clearing performance.

The auger system drills into the snow with an accelerator screw positioned centrally in the direction of travel. This is supported by two lateral screw elements, which lead the snow to the middle.

The auger is completely ball-bearing - not slide-mounted!

With this snowblower you will be well through the winter!

Technical specifications
• Engine 4-stroke OHV winter engine, 420 cc
• clearing width 66 cm
• Retracting height 58 cm
• Electric start 230 V as standard
• Transmission / drive wheels
• Xtreme-Auger as standard
• Power steering power steering
• gears 6 forward / 2 reverse
• Wheels 16 "x 4.80", X-Trac with winter profile
• Tank capacity 4.8 l
• Checking the throw width 2-way joystick
• Chute rotation 200 °
• Headlamp standard 28V / 28W
• Weight 116 kg

The separate wheel drive ensures independent from the auger propulsion. This does not affect the clearing performance and pre-programs the best ejection performance. Wheels with grobstolligen tire profiles made of soft special rubber guarantee first-class train and traction in normal terrain.

The steering of the snowthrower is via the mounted steering brake lever on the spar, thus one wheel is unlocked from the drive and the other wheel drives - divert easily!

The snowthrower can be easily operated from the spar - and the gears are switched.

The discharge channel can be swiveled by 200 °.

Built is a 4-stroke OHV winter engine with 420 cc

This is a durable and low - emission, light - starting, quiet running WINTER engine.

Further advantages:
• Clearance through unique design
• Powerful and stable drive
• Effortless change of direction with one-lever technology
• Snow clearing even in adverse visibility
• within seconds side and height adjustment
• Separate activation of milling machine and drive
• The large tank volume is sufficient for large areas
• Heated handles


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