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Snowblower Snowpower 656E 6.5PS with electric start

Snowblower Snowpower 656E 6.5PS with electric start
Product no.: 656E

660,00 EUR   19 % VAT incl.

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Snowblower Snowpower 656E 6.5PS with electric start

Snowblower Snowpower 655E with wheel drive
Reinforced version with German components

We are no lowland snow blowers box shifter. We trade this product since 3 years.

We thus have collect relevant experience, because we ourselves are located in a snowy region of Germany.

The devices are sold both wholesale and retail. Before we bring the devices for sale they are tested. Last year we had ample opportunity to do so.

In order to increase the ejection output, we can install a more powerful engine with 6.5 PS / 4.7 kW. Thus, this snow blower has enough power and reserve.

The snowblower comes in the color red.

A very ample spare parts stock is available.

The snow blower works with the proven two-stage principle - the snow is crushed by the low-speed auger and transported to the blast wheel backwards. The blower throws the snow out through the chute. The chute can be rotated about 190 °.

Depending on snow conditions, you can select the gears. That is, in light powder snow the second or 3 Transition. However, in wet heavy snow you will need to use the first transition.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


• 6.5 PS / 4.7 kW OHV Engine 196 ccm
• electric start
• 5 forward and 2 reverse gears
• Wheel Drive
• Clearing width 55 cm
• two-stage (for more ejection)

Easy for women to use!!


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