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Logging trailer 2T HR2000 forestry trailer with crane

Logging trailer 2T HR2000 forestry trailer with crane
Product no.: HR2000

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Logging trailer 2T HR2000 forestry trailer with crane


This logging trailer is imported from Sweden. There it is usual to fetch the timber from the forest with Quad / small tractor or jeep.

The frame of the trailer is made of galvanized 4-square tube. The side supports are made of this material too.

It is possible with little effort to increase the side arms (red 4-Square tubes), by putting a longer 4-Square-tube into the holder.

For use in non-road traffic, the payload is up to max. 2 tons.

Pay attention to safety on the weight ratio between tractor and trailer or when used on inclines. Only the driver is responsible.

The four large ATV tires are movably mounted on the two axes, so they can adapt to any ground unevenness.

With this trailer you have a useful helper for timber transport.

The trailer has no approval, TUV or similar.

An approval of the DEKRA costs 390,00 Euros - as well as a retrofitting of the trailer on street legal costs 300,00 € (such as light strip, stop light, turn signals, etc.).

Then the top speed is limited to 25 km / h.

The tire size is 22x11-10 with an outer diameter of 55 cm and a tire width of 25 cm.

The crane arm can be pivoted and adjusted in height.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.


  • Frame and side holder/bracket 4--Square pipes
  • max. Payload on the road - because unbraked: 750 kg
  • max. Payload when using non-road traffic - without authorization: 2 tons
  • Net weight: ca. 560 kg
  • pivotable and height-adjustable crane arm
  • Tires: 22x11-10 (with a diameter of 55 cm and a tire width of 25 cm)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4100 x 2100 x 1800 mm
  • stanchion distance: 2100 mm
  • Max. lifting capacity of the crane: 400 kg
  • Max. lifting height of crane 3.5 m
  • Max. pivoting distance 3 m on each side
  • 180 ° turning radius of the crane
  • Empty 120 kg static vertical load

Timber trailer with large gripper opening for tree trunks

Large opening of the tongs

 logging trailer

Tires: 22 x 11 - 10

 trailer with crane

1-> maximum range 3,30 m

90 ° turning radius to each side of the crane

 Kubota tractor trailer

forestry trailer

outside dimensions of the wheels 1.38 m

wood transport

 Hebekran fürs Holz




  Review and photos to wood logging trailer from our customer R. Hohlfeld": 

"Glück Auf liebes Motorgeräte Fritsch Team

Wie versprochen, hier die Bilder vom richtigen Einsatz des Rückewagens an meinem Yanmar.
Ich denke die Bilder sagen alles: Einfach nur pure Erleichterung im Wald und vor allem schonendes Arbeiten im Wald.
Man kommt überall hin, wo man will.
Auch das Zuladen funktioniert einwandfrei, wie man auf den Bildern sieht.
Macht weiter so.

Gruß R. Hohlfeld"

"...As promised, here are the pictures of the proper use of the logging trailer at my Yanmar. I think the pictures say it all: Just pure ease in the forest and especially gentle working in the forest. To get there, wherever you want. Also the loading works perfectly, as you can see in the pictures. Keep it that way...."


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