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Broadcast spreader Nirosta for two-wheel tractors - salt, fertilizer and grit spreader

Broadcast spreader Nirosta for two-wheel tractors - salt, fertilizer and grit spreader
Product no.: RVK200

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Broadcast spreader Nirosta for two-wheel tractors - salt, fertilizer and grit spreader

We have Box spreaders, Centrifugal broadcaster, PTO spreader, broadcast spreader, seed spreaders, chip spreader, snow removal spreaders, spreader, fertilizer spreaders, sand spreader, granule distributors, hand spreaders, rear spreaders, spreader for two-wheel tractors, lawn tractors and ATV / Quad

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• 100 Liter container volume
• with metal gearbox, agitator finger and are pneumatic wheels
• spreading width 2-5 m (spreading width adjustable)
• 9x Spread Quantity Adjustment
• 200 kg net load capacity
• 32,5 kg weight
• wide tires: 145x70-8
• equipped with covering tarpaulin

The spreader can be equipped with an adapter that fits to our KM4, KM5, KM8, KM10 single-axle tractor for a surcharge of 120,00 Euro.

This adapter which is connected to the single-axle drawbar is included in standard delivery.
For a surcharge of 30,00 Euro, we can supply an adapter for your two wheel tractor provided that you send us the mounting dimensions.

The spreading width can be adjusted by hand lever, which actuates a slider. Thus, the spread rate is regulated.

The spreader is provided with a removable agitator finger and with an agitator.

The diffusing screen and the gearbox are completely made of stainless steel (Nirosta).

The container and any movable parts are made from stainless steel. The frame and towbar are made of steel and are powder coated.

There are wide pneumatic wheels with studded tires 145x70-8 mounted - of course with ball bearings. One wheel is idling with the axis, the other is connected to the axle by means of cotter pin and drives it.

The deflector prevents the spreading material to hurl at the tractor.

A covering tarpaulin is supplied as standard.


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