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Combined two-wheel tractor Nibbi MAK17S 417S KM8 13.0 HP Honda engine GX390 incl. 80cm rotary tiller

Combined two-wheel tractor Nibbi MAK17S 417S KM8 13.0 HP Honda engine GX390 incl. 80cm rotary tiller
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Combined two-wheel tractor Nibbi MAK17S 417S KM8 13.0 HP Honda engine GX390 incl. 80cm rotary tiller

The universal two-wheel-tractor which leaves nothing to be desired - whether for sophisticated private use or commercial gardening and landscaping.

The robust construction and the various implements allow it to be a reliable and safe help.

The two wheel tractor is produced in Italy as 90% of all combination units. From there, the devices are sold worldwide - in different colors, versions, engines, spar and sticker

Since 1997, we buy from this company two-wheel-tractors, which we sell retail and wholesale.

Gear damage, and serious engine damage never occurred. Typically, a Bowden cable, a spark plug or a air filter get broken. But that"s it!

We can deliver spare parts quick and easy.

As major advantage we see the compact design of the machine. The engine is flanged directly via a powerful clutch to the gearbox. To the end of the gear unit a large-sized quick release fastener is screwed where all the implements can be changed quickly without tools. This is an important advantage compared to the Japanese manufacturers of two wheel tractors, they implement the transmission of power through V-belts.

The walkbehind tractor is ready for use and complete assembled, it will be delivered on a disposable pallet. You just need to remove the stretch film, refuel petrol and off you go.

We sell only products, which even have been extensively tested and found to be good.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

Specification - two-wheel tractor

• 9,6 kW/13,0 PS easy-start Honda GX390 engine (max. power)
•  heavy-duty, durable multi-plate disc clutch
• 4 forward and 1 reverse gears (in both directions)
• Reverse gear (thereby you have in any forward direction 4 forward and 1 reverse gear)
• differential and lock
• solid hitch
• Quick spar adjustment
• independent drum brakes, single acting as a steering brake on each wheel
• Handlebar is mounted on silent blocks and can be swiveled 180 ° without tools
• Standard PTO with 2 speeds
• Included:
     - Farm tires 6.50/80-12 with change rim
     - the wheel base can be adjusted 2x
     - hitch for the single axle trailer
     - rotary tiller with 80cm working width
• Weight of walkbehind tractor with motor and rotary cultivator about ca. 220 kg

(1) clutch lever
(2) gear lever
(3) 2 PTO
(4) steering brake lever

(1) stable big hitch
(2) PTO with 2 speeds

(1) steering brake
(2) gear shifting gate

Speed and dimensions ​​of the walkbehind tractor:

Specification - rotary tiller
• 80 cm working width
• Cutting depth variable via a adjustment lever
• Jockey wheel not included

(1) adjustment lever
(2) The tiller is firmly bolted.
A plug connection would rip!

(1) Diffential lock
(2) wheels - lateral pivotable (not included in the delivery)

(3) spar pivoting


Every walkbehind tractor can be supplied on request with a electric starter set, battery and battery holder for a surcharge.

Special Features: As an important wear part, the clutch is a reinforced multi-plate clutch disc, fitted as standard from the factory. We could have let them install also a cheaper cone clutch, but the service life of these clutches is very limited when the clutches are used with tillers / snowblowers or rotary mowers.

This is the multi-plate clutch with 4 single clutch discs.

Here is the comparison between the two clutch inserts - once the small contact surface of the cone clutch (right) and in turn the significantly higher contact surface the multiple disc clutch (left).

cone clutch

For an additional charge we can supply the walkbehind tractor and trailer equipped road leagal. Therefore it is necessary to equip the engine with electric starting and with a battery and a battery holder.
The engine with electric start is standard with a light machine, with which the battery is recharged.
Furthermore, a headlight and the entire lighting system is mounted.

On the pictures below the two wheel tractor KM5 is shown with a trailer.


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