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Cable winch, forestry winch Zollern PW17 skidding winch for chainsaw

Cable winch, forestry winch Zollern PW17 skidding winch for chainsaw
Product no.: Zollern-PW17

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Cable winch, forestry winch Zollern PW17 skidding winch for chainsaw


This winch can be used in emergency rescue, medical, vehicle recovery, forest, hunters, construction companies, sewer, cable laying etc.

Supplied is only the winch - without adapter, rope storage, chain saw and treebelt!

This professional winch was developed by Zollern. Zollern is one of the largest manufacturers of winches and planetary gears.

Zoller winch is designed as a capstan winch, ie the rope is wrapped in 6 turns on the capstan drum and the pull of 1.7 tons is possible.

The rope is unloaded wound up in the cable storage. The maximum cable length is 60 m in cable storage.

It is also possible to wind up a loose rope and so to pull loads in a distance of 100 meters or 200 m.

As drive a chain saw of at least 4.0 to 5.0, PS / 3.0 to 3.7 kW is required. The chain dividing should be 3/8 pro.

Because the capstan head is cylindrical, a constant force and pulling speed is reached.

However, the PW17 keeps each situation under control thanks to simple security functions.

If the weight is too heavy to be pulled and the speed of the engine is reduced, the clutch releases.

In this case, the backstop prevents the load from slipping back. Normally, this backstop is always blocked, however, when it is necessary to relax the rope, it suffices to actuate the brake lever.

In the case of an extreme overload the shear pin breaks the connection between the engine and transmission. This prevents larger damage to the transmission, as well as to the chain saw.

typical uses
• recover of deadlocked vehicles
• pull down loads of trailers
• pulling of logs in rough terrain
• recover of heavy battue
• salvaging boats out of the water
• pulling of building materials and construction material
• rescue operations
• pulling electric cables

It is independent of vehicles, batteries, etc., and also working in wet weather, rain and snow.

A real alternative, because it is characterized by its light weight and almost unlimited pulling length.

The pulling speed is approximately three times faster as with a ATV winch or car winch.

This winch is new and ready for use.

We assemble and test all machines and devices before shipment, and so you have less risk.

We guarantee a serious carrying out. You have a full right of return.

• Drive via a chainsaw from 3.0 to 3.7 kW / 4.0 - 5.0 HP with 3/8 "chain wheel
• cable pull on the capstan drum with 3.5 kW chainsaw engine in direct pull:
   slow 17 CN / 1,7 tons
fast 4.5 KN / 0.45 tons
• cable speed at 9000 rpm. engine speed (max. power):
   slowly 12.5 m / min.
   fast 47 m / min.
• Standard cable diameter: 7.2 mm
• Standard cable length: 60 m
• Weight without motor cable storage and pulling rope / cable: 17 kg
• included only the winch with remote control and crash bars
   but no adapter and no chainsaw

Available accessories

• chainsaw adapter for 89,00 Euro

• cable storage including 60 m cable for 875,00 Euro

• treebelt with 2.5 m strap for 350,00 Euro

You can also purchase a rope / cable with your desired length. But this first must be ordered from the manufacturer, therefore a delivery time of about 1 month is to expect!


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